10 Best Instagram Monitoring Tools To Help Boost Engagement

There are 25 million brand accounts vying for engagement on Instagram. As marketers, watching random meme pages, viral trends, and influencer posts grab all the attention and followers you wish your own brand could get kind of hurts.    Instead of just watching from the sidelines, we can learn a lot by looking into the data … Read more

Ultimate Twitter Marketing Guide With Tips & Strategies

Did you know that Twitter, now rebranded as X, started as a minimalist platform for sharing short, 140-character messages? It has become a global powerhouse for real-time news, conversations, and marketing. This makeover underscores its undeniable significance in the online arena, where every tweet can reach millions.  As X continues to blossom, its role in … Read more

Mastering Social Listening Metrics & KPIs: A Comprehensive Guide For Digital Success

Consistently marketing on social media can help your brand generate wide exposure and high-value leads.  But, as with any marketing channel, showing up without a strategy can be fruitless.  With competitive and beloved brands dominating the space, it’s essential to lean on valuable insights to understand what resonates best with your target audience.  That’s what … Read more

Lego’s Social Media Strategy: Constructing On Collabs & Pop Culture

Danish toy company LEGO soars over its competitors like Mattel, Funko, and Hasbro. LEGO sales rose to USD 4 billion last year, whereas its competitors reported declining sales. The classic LEGO bricks we’re all familiar with were invented in 1949. Astonishingly, new brick sets made today are still compatible with the older ones. Everything LEGO … Read more

Airbnb Social Media Strategy: Sharing Stories, Building Community

Be it a vacation with your friends or a staycation to escape the everyday hustle and bustle, you may have found yourself exploring Airbnb’s affordable and convenient homestays.  So, how did the vacation rental marketplace become a trailblazer in the hospitality industry? By blending collaborative consumption with experiential tourism and replacing impersonal hotel stays with … Read more

15 Important YouTube Metrics For Saas Brand Monitoring & Customer Retention

YouTube has incredible potential for SaaS brands, with a scope of leveraging it for better reach and engagement. Videos, in general, play a major role in making a purchase decision. This may be why 83% of people acknowledge that a demo video helps them decide to purchase. It has the force that drives brand awareness, … Read more