2023’s Top 12 Instagram Analytics Tools for Tracking IG Metrics

Instagram has become a key platform for marketers as 70% of IG users discover new products on the platform. And Instagram analytics helps you track your Instagram metrics & grow engagement. How? And which tool should you choose? There are many great social media analytics tools out there, which means that finding the right one … Read more

Mastering Competitor Benchmarking: A Comprehensive Guide For Outperforming Competitors

You have great products and an excellent marketing and sales team. You know who your competitors are. You may even monitor them regularly.  But is that enough? Are you benchmarking them diligently to assess how you stack up to your competition?   To be successful, you must outperform your competitors at every business touchpoint. For that, … Read more

3 Influencer Marketing Metrics To Track In Your Next Holiday Campaigns

Halloween adornments are beginning to pop up, and Mariah Carey’s Christmas album has already hit the shelves – a clear indication that the festive season is fast approaching. This holiday period usually spans from early October through the end of January in the following year. Shoppers are in a fervor of purchasing due to the … Read more

How To Do YouTube Competitor Analysis In 5 Easy Steps

Considering the current popularity of video content, YouTube is a powerful platform for brand marketing. With 2.6 billion monthly active users, YouTube generates the second-highest traffic of any website worldwide, second only to Google.  According to the Social Media Examiner’s industry report, 55% of marketers use YouTube, making it the most used video channel for … Read more

Top 7 Social Media Competitor Analytics Tools For Marketers And Agencies

Social media with almost 4.6 million people, is poised to become the most important resource for data insights that help businesses grow. That’s why using social media analytics tools has become indispensable for crushing brand competition and building an engaged social media audience. Learning about your competitors’ social media performance helps you identify your brand’s … Read more

How To Harness The Power Of Twitter Hashtag Analysis

The challenge to engage effectively on Twitter goes beyond wit. It involves factors that require analytical skills to translate data into strategies. This is where the value of Twitter hashtag analytics becomes priceless. However, this analytical approach is not merely about data aggregation. It’s a means to slice through the noise to elevate your message … Read more

6 Tips For Writing An Effective Influencer Outreach Email

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their target audience. Micro-influencers particularly, are known for their highly-engaged following and niche-specific audience. Once you’re able to find an influencer that aligns with your brand, working with them can be quite beneficial to your marketing and lead generation campaigns. However, the success of … Read more

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