Who Won In 2023: Reels Or TikTok?

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️

1. Instagram just made share counts public! This brand-new metric will let you gauge if your content is able to spark conversations among your followers.

2. A recent study revealed that Instagram and Facebook Reels are getting more views than TikTok. It’s indeed high time to start Reels marketing if you haven’t already! 

3. YouTube Short ads proved to be cheaper and generate longer views than TikTok, costing around 50% less. Indeed, YouTube always nails its ad supremacy. 


No more worrying about messy bedrooms or boring office walls ruining your shots! Finally, you can escape to the beachfront or create a backdrop that suits your mood.

Instagram has just revealed their gen-AI-powered background editing tool, so you can get that perfect shot in just a few taps. (Note. It’s available to US-based users for now.)

Snap that selfie with confidence and watch those likes roll in! 💅

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Adidas Social Media Strategy: Sporting Online Traction Globally

Analysis of Adidas’s social media accounts

Instagram: Adidas’s main account on Instagram might only have 6 posts in the last three months, but they’ve generated a whopping 466,669 engagements out of those posts.

YouTube: Even though Adidas has only 1.1 million subscribers here, their videos have a total of 50.6 million views.

Facebook: With 40 million likes on their official Facebook page, Adidas previously had an active presence on the platform.

Twitter (now ‘X’): Adidas has tweeted 377 times in the past year, leading to 273,822 engagements. 

What makes Adidas’s social media strategy successful?

Adidas’s social media strategy is a shining example of what social media marketers should follow.

By collaborating with influential celebrities and athletes, Adidas creates a buzz like none. Their strategy focuses on engagement, anticipation, and a sense of community, setting the bar high for other aspiring brands.

Learn how to market yourself on social like Adidas 👉 Read the full case study

Adobe & Figma Fallout 🧐

On December 18, Adobe and Figma decided to call it quits on their merger agreement. The reason behind this sensational 20B dollar merger falling apart is the mounting regulatory pressure from the UK and EU.

To add an interesting twist to the plot, Adobe has to hand over a whopping $1 billion in cash as a reverse termination fee to Figma. It seems that the regulators raised concerns about Adobe’s already dominance in the design industry. Furthermore, Figma’s integration into Adobe’s empire could stifle innovation.

Now that Adobe and Figma have embarked on separate journeys, netizens have found themselves a hot new topic to ramble about just before the year’s end.

After monitoring both brands for the past month, it’s clear that they have been locked in fierce competition, causing people to take sides and fueling conversations. Let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • Total number of posts shared: 176.4K vs. 92.5K
  • Total posts shared at peak hour: 18.1K vs. 16.4K
  • Total impressions: 947.0M vs. 331.6M
  • Sentiment Score: 70 vs. 84

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