Why Are Major Brands Withdrawing From Twitter(X) Ads?

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Latest Social Media Updates ?️

1. Your previously posted carousel posts will be deleted from the app starting December 14, and the feature itself will be removed as well. Before, LinkedIn also discontinued in-image linking and profile videos. 

2. Instagram Guides is all set to go away on Dec 15, converting to collections. Guides will no longer be visible, and new guides cannot be created. However, you’ll be able to download your previously created guides until March 14.

3. Big names like Apple, Disney, and IBM are hitting the pause button on their ads on the X platform (formerly Twitter). Why? Well, it’s all about standing up against hate speech and discrimination.


No more confusing turnarounds! Now, you can save your favourite reels from public accounts to your camera roll in just one click.

But please note that the Reels you download will have a watermark with the creator’s Instagram handle. Btw, did you know Instagram also released reel sharing with close friends?

Indeed, Instagram is winning hearts for real! ?

Gold Nuggets & Resources?️

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Get Your Tracker Feed with Visual Grid under Listening & Campaigns ✨

Tired of seeing the boring list view of your trackers? Well, no more clicking on each post one by one to see what those top posts have in them. Switch to visual grid view and get your customised tracker feed!

Just add your tracker under the Listening and Tracking campaign. Go to the Top Post section and select your preference (Most Engagement or Most Recent). Tap on View All Posts and switch your view as shown above!

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ChatGPT Prompt Idea (copy this for later ?): Write [number] Thanksgiving captions for [your brand niche]. The audience comprises [target segment]. Here are some sources for inspiration [examples].



Burger King’s Social Media Strategy: Whopping Online Interaction And Engagement✨

Analysis of Burger King’s social media accounts

Instagram: Burger King’s Instagram account showcases creative and interactive posts, with just 13 posts in the last month but an impressive engagement of 62,186.

YouTube: Burger King’s main account has 64 videos in total, which have generated a colossal 272.31 million views on YouTube.

Facebook: Burger King’s Facebook page boasts a massive following of 8.6 million likes, with 65,517 engagements from just 29 posts in the last three months.  

Twitter (now ‘X’): Burger King’s Twitter account, with a whopping 2 million followers, achieving 4,843 engagements and 513,805 impressions from 196 tweets in just one month.

What makes Burger King’s social media strategy successful?

Burger King’s social media presence is engaging, fun, and effortlessly appealing. Their fresh approach uses clever messaging and mouth-watering visuals to capture audiences worldwide.

Furthermore, what makes Burger King stand out is their commitment to genuine interaction that keeps audiences coming back for more.

Want the Burger King’s cheatsheet? ? Read the full case study

Twist in OpenAI Tale ?

OpenAI just made headlines by parting ways with Sam Altman as CEO. But just when the dust seemed to settle, a plot twist unfolded. Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, swooped in and snapped up Altman for his AI expertise.

The story took an unexpected turn when OpenAI’s fearless employees issued an ultimatum: the board members had to resign or face a mass resignation. In a stunning resolution that seemed straight out of a Hollywood script, Altman surged back onto the scene as the triumphant CEO of OpenAI.

Meanwhile, we tracked the brand throughout and here’s a quick glimpse:

  • Total number of posts shared: 1.2M
  • Total posts shared at peak hour: 289.60K
  • Total impressions: 47B
  • Sentiment Score: 63(Positive: 29%, Neutral: 54%, Negative: 17%)

Safe to say, OpenAI surely managed to move up to the charts and got everyone talking about them again!

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