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It already feels like an eternity has passed in the social media landscape in just 3 weeks of 2023!

With platforms changing their priorities this year, it’s super crucial for you to stay on top of every update. Another shocker was ChatGPT’s boom. AI has officially entered into every chat of social media.

Let’s start with Social Media Keynotes and look at what you should focus on in the coming days.

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Latest social media updates you wouldn’t want to miss:

1. Facebook tests Add Friend and Message buttons on the app’s footer as users scroll. Such a feature is expected to open up more engagement opportunities.

2. Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, hints at balancing out the exposure of images and videos in his weekly Q&A sessions.

3. By displaying which newsletters users are subscribed to, LinkedIn hopes to increase newsletter discovery.

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1. Opulous hunts for pitch-perfect branding opportunities 1. with 50+ influencers monthly on average, using Keyhole’s social listening and influencer management.

2. A Zimbabwe-based integrated marketing agency resorts to Keyhole for comprehensive monthly client reports.

3. Define American takes control of its campaigns in real-time using Keyhole’s effortless monitoring features.

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Here are a few gold nuggets and must-have resources that are bound to make your life easier:

1. 13 Paid & Free TikTok Analytics Tools To Check Stats In 2023

2. Instagram Creator Account: Is It Worth The Switch?

3. A Guide On How To Do An Instagram Competitor Analysis In 5 Steps

What’s Trending? 💫

Within five days of going live, ChatGPT registered one million users. It was mentioned in more than 2.5 million posts in just two months and received a staggering impression of 31.8 billion.

After an overwhelming response, it caused an unsettling stir in the marketing community as well. Word has it that it will rob the jobs of typical content writers and SEO marketers. As a result, more marketers are testing its capability to weigh its pros and cons.

Our Take: We also tried the tool, which was surprisingly impressive. Though it can act as a catalyst for quality content creation, there still needs to be some human intervention for the creativity factor.

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Sindhu Biswal writes a thread on Meta Ads Library, a free tool for competitor analysis for marketers on a tight budget.

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