Intuitive, Accurate Social Media Metrics on Influencers

Simplify influencer identification and outreach with a real-time data table

Reach out to and build relationships with thought-leaders
A go-to tool for influencer relations, Keyhole identifies topic authorities by recording and ranking users who post your tracked URLs, keywords and hashtags. Find the perfect match for upcoming influencer campaigns by adding filters to the list, and open profiles directly from the dashboard to start outreach.
Quantify influence with a range of metrics
Identify the strongest influencers by ranking them in Keyhole’s interactive table that sorts metrics such as: follower engagement; impressions; exposure driven to your tracked hashtags and how much authority they have in a particular subject.
The Keyhole dashboard has been very helpful for reporting on the impact we’ve had at influencing influencers as they publish content around (our) hashtag. Keyhole definitely frees up time from manual monitoring and has contributed to the growth of our social footprint
Lee Odden
Founder of TopRank Marketing
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