Top 25 Social Media Analytics Tools: The Definitive Guide

Top 25 Social Media Analytics Tools

[Updated in July 2019, for a brand new Social Media Analytics Tools comparison]

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It can be a daunting task.

You’ve asked everyone and every query tool for the best social media analytics tools and you’re still unsure which to use. And you don’t have the time and money to waste using a tool only to find out later on that it doesn’t suit your needs. Whether you’re asking other marketers or searching on Google, it can be quite confusing — with every brand making enticing promises.

How do you know which of them would deliver on their promise? A good complete guide is a great place to look.

Here’s a guide showing you the top 25 social media analytics tools, and how they work:

1. Keyhole

Keyhole excels at four key things:

  • Getting you inside the minds of your customers.
  • Simplifying your reporting — so you can easily share results with your team.
  • Showing you what attracts your consumers’ attention.
  • Saving you a huge amount of time — as you don’t have to crawl different social platforms looking for your much needed social analytics.

These are critical features to look out for when making social media analytics software comparisons. As Neil Patel says, “This tool (Keyhole) does a lot of things others can’t. And as a bonus, it’s extremely user-friendly.”

The tool shows you when your users are most active, so you get to see your audience’s best engagement days and times. 

Keyhole Dashboard - Social Media Engagement

Find and reach out to your influencers:

Keyhole Dashboard - Influencers

Example of sentiment analysis over time:

Keyhole dashboard - sentiment analysis

With Keyhole, you get to see the number of impressions, reach, posts and engagements that certain accounts or hashtags are getting. You are also able to identify key influencers who get the highest engagement rates and the number of followers in specific industries and reach out to them right from the tool.

And if you ever want to know the demographics of your hashtag users or account interactors or followers, Keyhole shows you those as well — including the percentage of positive and negative sentiments of your followers.

Price: $179 – custom pricing per month.

2. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is a great social analytics tool that helps you identify your best content and see what users need. And we all know that social media sucks time like a plague…But AgoraPulse is a good medicine for it.

This tool is a huge timesaver for social media marketers. It helps you execute virtually all your social media tasks in one place.


You can also post or schedule content across all your profiles at once. Plus, the tool’s chrome plugin helps you do all this at once — saving you time.

What’s more? AgoraPulse helps you put your evergreen content on autopublish, so the content gets seen by more people without you having to manually publish it as many times as possible on social media.

Price: $89 – $459 per month.

3. Brandwatch

Data is huge these days and BrandWatch is all about it. They set you up with the right industry data to make smart marketing decisions.

BrandWatch provides you with in-depth insights into what your target customers are thinking per time, which makes it super easy to sell to them.


Using this tool, you can search the Internet for specific conversations about your brand, segment those conversations into categories and analyze them to spot out critical information.

Price: Contact Brandwatch to discuss a unique plan.

4. BrandMentions

BrandMentions is another powerful tool for measuring your social media marketing impact.

From brand monitoring, reputation management, business intelligence to competitor spying, the tool provides you with the relevant information about the success of your brand awareness campaigns.

brand mentions

BrandMentions also provides real-time notifications; you get notified once your site gets a new backlink or is mentioned in places that matter across the web.

Price: $49 – $299 USD per month for each user.

5. Meltwater

Meltwater helps you quantify your PR impact, determine your brand’s share of voice in your industry, connect with relevant influencers and ultimately showcase your results.


From one central dashboard, Meltwater brings you quality insights from different types of sentiments in your market and helps you monitor your competitors’ social media efforts before they overtake your market where you stand.

And like most other social media analytics tools, Meltwater provides email alerts that matter and reporting capabilities.

Price: Contact Meltwater for pricing.

6. Reputology

A single customer can make a review on your product that impacts several other customers. Reputology helps you monitor and analyze your reviews online so you get to monitor, catch and handle bad customer reviews before it spreads like wildfire.


Even more, you can also catch positive reviews and promote them to further sell your products and brand. The tool lets you respond to reviews from its platform so you don’t have to visit every review-source; which saves you a whole lot of time. Plus, your team leader can track how your team handles review and keep all things feedback in control.

Price: $29 – $49 USD per month.

7. TapInfluence

Influencers have used years to earn the trust of your audience and can easily promote your products to them. So, without a doubt, influencer marketing has become one of the most effective ways to reach today’s audiences.

But before spending a dime on any influencer, you want to measure the impact they actually have on your audience.

That’s where TapInfluence comes in; it helps you find the right influencers (who have real impact) for your business.


From intelligence about every influencer’s reach and impact to the potential rates they charge for promotion, TapInfluence equips you with loads of important information about the influencers who can help you connect with your potential customers and sell to them.

Price: Contact TapInfluence for pricing.

8. Hootsuite

There’s hardly any social media marketer who doesn’t know Hootsuite. Besides it being a social media automation tool, it also provides social media analytics so you can see which content performs best or worst and make smarter decisions.


The tool integrates with all social media platforms so your social media analytics and management is done from one platform.

Price: $29 – $599 USD per month + custom pricing.

9. NetBase

NetBase provides social analytics for brands.

Global brands like Taco Bell, Coca Cola and Yum! use this tool to track conversations around their brands on social and make important marketing decisions.


Netbase provides all the social media insights you need to intuitively keep your brand customer friendly. It also allows you to track real-time campaign performance, view top-performing campaign elements and target custom audience segments.

Price: Contact NetBase for a demo.

10. Oktopost

This software is focused on helping B2B brands do social media analytics and management at scale. Social media management, social employee advocacy and social media promotions are all Oktopost’s strengths.


You can measure your social media marketing performance and optimize your efforts accordingly.

This tool also helps you manage your global social media teams. That is, if you have social media teams in more than one country, this tool helps you manage them all from one platform.

Price: Contact Oktopost for pricing.

11. quintly

Do you want to know how your brand stacks up against competitors on social media?

Then quintly might just be right for you. You’ll not only get a peek of your brand’s social media marketing performance, but also see how it’s performing against others online.


Agencies can use this tool as well; they use it for client management, reporting, centralized analytics and influencer ranking. Media houses can also use quintly for managing their social media platforms and tracking relevant conversations and campaigns.

Price: Starts at $300 USD per month.

12. Rival IQ

Similar to many other social media analytics tools, Rival IQ helps you track your social media performance.

It also provides insights into your competitors’ performance on social media. You can even get alerts when a competitor boosts a post on social media, to which you can quickly respond before you start losing a chunk of your market share.


Rival IQ also lets you see what content your audience prefers to see, and helps you discover fresh and relevant content ideas.

Price: $199 – $499 USD per month.

13. Social Studio

Social Studio is a tool from Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

It helps you listen to conversations on social media, publish content and engage your audience all from one place.

It also allows you to create topic categories from what users are saying on social media, and analyze their sentiments around those topics — which helps to prioritize your social media tasks.

What’s more? You get a 3600 view of each user as the tool integrates with your CRM, helping you personalize your responses to every comment and enquiry.

Price: Starts at $400 per month.

14. Sprout Social

Brands like Adidas, Nordstrom and Edelman use Sprout Social for social media reporting and management.

This tool lets you create social media calendars, schedule posts and listen to relevant social media conversations.

sprout social

Sprout Social also provides an agency partnership program, where they partner with agencies — providing them with educational materials, reporting templates, social media marketing strategies and most of all, exposure to brands who already use Sprout Social.

Price: Starts at $500 USD per month; agency plans vary.

15. Socialbakers

Socialbakers lets you measure your social media performance, benchmark your results against industry players and report your entire social media activities.

social bakers

This social media software uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find your target audience on social, the content they’re mostly interested in and the influencers they love. All of these make social media marketing and management easier and more effective for your business.

Price: $120 – $480 USD per month.

16. Brand24

Brand24 collects all the mentions about a keyword, product or brand name on the web and provides you with a comprehensive analysis on it.

It shows you where your keyword has been mentioned, the ratio of positive to negative sentiments about it, top sources and users of the keyword, and related terms around it.

brand 24

Price: $49 – $399 USD per month.

17. Mention

Used by brands like Asos, Microsoft and Ogilvy, Mention is widely known, and as its name implies, as a tool for tracking the mentions of specific terms online.


The tool picks up mentions of the names of your competitors or their products, your brand or product name, relevant hashtags and many more.

Mention also provides a feature that helps to see the different languages through which consumers talk about you or your competitors, including relevant timeframes and location. Plus, you also get to identify top performing topics in your niche and repurpose it for your business.

Price: Free – $600+ USD per month.

Platform-Specific Tools

18. Followerwonk (Twitter)

Followerwonk specializes in Twitter analytics.

It helps you search Twitter followers with the highest follower numbers, compare Twitter accounts, analyze any Twitter user’s profile and track changes in follower numbers — whether for your brand or a competitor’s.


Price: Free — $79 per month.

19. Iconosquare (Instagram and Facebook)

With Iconosquare, you can measure the impressions and reach of your Facebook and Instagram posts and stories.


You also get to see when your customers are mostly online, so you can put out content only when they are most likely to engage with it. Iconosquare also lets you monitor comments and respond to them, after which you can tick them as read so everything remains organized.

Price: 29€/mo — custom pricing.

20. Audiense Connect (Twitter)

Audiense Connect is a great tool from Audiense that helps you uncover details about your audience, discover relevant macro and micro influencers, and call the best social media marketing shots.

audiense connect

Brands like DHL, Carlsberg, Puma and Fox Sports use Audiense to discover audience segments relevant to their businesses and make smarter social marketing decisions — especially on Twitter.

Price: Free – 89€/mo per month.

21. Tailwind (Pinterest and Instagram)

Tailwind lets you manage and analyze your Pinterest and Instagram efforts at scale.

You can discover content, schedule posts, monitor conversations, amplify reach, and analyze your social media performance on Pinterest and Instagram all with one tool.


Trusted by over 2000 brands and agencies, including Walmart, Ebay and Unilever, Tailwind also uploads your images in bulk, automatically optimizes your posts to be published at your users’ most engaging times, uncovers information about your audience, and ultimately improves and measures results.

Price: $9.99 per month — custom pricing.

22. TweetReach (Twitter)

Do you want to know how far your tweets travel?


TweetReach helps you see the number of impressions, reach and overall engagement your tweets get. It also shows you who your top influencers are, and allows you to monitor Twitter analytics in real time — helping you take faster marketing decisions.

Price: $49 — $199 per month.


Falcon helps you understand how viral your content is on Facebook, the rate at which you spam your Facebook fans without realizing it and the reach your content is getting you.

Price: Request a demo with Falcon.

24. (Instagram) helps you track your instagram analytics so you get a deeper understanding of your audience.

You are also able to see when your audience is most engaged on Instagram so you know the best times to post.


Even more, you can export reports as PDF and share amongst your team members and colleagues.

Price: $9 — $39 per month.

25. SNAPLYTICS (Snapchat and Instagram)

Do you want to measure your brand’s performance on Snapchat?

Snaplytics lets you see how much engagment your Snapchat and Instagram photos and stories are getting. It provides analytics that help you focus on the content types that generate the most impact for your brand on social.


This tool also lets you schedule posts so they can automatically go live when you’re not looking.

Price: Contact Snaplytics for pricing.

The Final Verdict

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for the best social media analytics software; your best bet is to look carefully at each option, select the ones that mostly suit your needs and try them out.

With this list, you can see what each of the tools do, do a full comparison, select the ones that seems to suit your needs, try them out and make a concrete decision.

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