Top 7 Brandwatch Alternatives For Social Media Agencies

For social media agencies managing multiple clients, gathering and measuring data from different social media platforms is critical to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies. 

A social media analytics tool helps compare the social media performance to the overall goals, making you aware of what strategies are working and what needs to be changed.

One such social media analytics and management tool is Brandwatch. 

Brandwatch: A brief overview

Social media management tool Brandwatch specializes in social listening and digital consumer intelligence.  Deep social media analysis in the form of monitoring conversations around the brand, discovering consumer intent and undertaking competitor analysis are done in real-time. 


  • Expensive compared to other social media analytics, monitoring, and management tools 
  • No free trial 
  • There’s a learning curve for first-time users 

If you’re looking to try new Brandwatch alternatives for your social media agency, keep reading on.

7 Brandwatch alternatives you must try 

1. Keyhole

Keyhole is a social media reporting tool that helps agencies and enterprises measure, analyze, and report their social media analytics. 

Key features

  • Influencer tracking and analytics: Allows marketers to understand and generate reports on how a specific influencer marketing campaign is impacting their marketing goals.
  • Profile and competitor analysis: Allows you to measure and analyze all of your social media platforms on a single dashboard.
  • Social media publishing: Allows marketers to schedule and publish their content on different social media channels, and prepares a report on how the content performed on a certain channel. 
  • Hashtag tracking and analysis: Helps marketers understand how hashtags have improved their growth with accurate and comprehensive hashtag tracking. It also allows you to report the analytics in real-time to different stakeholders.

What makes it a great Brandwatch alternative? 

1. Affordable pricing plans: There are 4 pricing tiers, starting from $39/month. 

2. Clean, simple, and intuitive UX: Keyhole’s interface is intuitive, enabling agencies to understand the performance of their social media marketing on a single dashboard with easy-to-use UX

3. Real-time insights: Automated social media reporting using a shareable dashboard. 

Tip: Use Keyhole’s competitor analysis feature to gain valuable insights from comparing your social media efforts to your competitors and stay a step ahead of your competition. 

2. Meltwater

Meltwater offers social media management, social listening, and news monitoring features to agencies, so they can spend less time reporting, and more on building their business. 

Key features

  • Social listening, analytics, and community management: Collects data from various social media channels whenever your clients are mentioned and automates the entire social listening process.    
  • Influencer marketing: As a Brandwatch alternative, Meltwater finds the best influencers for your agency, and helps in building influencer marketing strategies.   
  • News monitoring: Uses keywords to track the topics that are important for your agency, and collects them to understand how your clients are being perceived by the audience.  

What makes it a great Brandwatch alternative?

1. All-in-one social media monitoring solution and communications platform: Meltwater allows PR professionals and marketers to integrate their media monitoring, reporting, outreach, and engagement in one platform.  

2. Automated and customized reports: Meltwater’s reporting tools help agencies generate metrics, competitor benchmarking, and YOY reporting. 

Tip: Meltwater’s consumer insights reports help agencies identify and understand the audience and allow them to target customers in a personalized manner, improving relevancy. 

3. Talkwalker

Talkwalker is a social data intelligence platform that helps businesses and marketers by collecting customer insights from more than 150 million sources enhancing the speed and accuracy of the customer report created. 

Key features

  • Customer intelligence: Allows a 360-degree view of various customer touchpoints while helping businesses listen to their customer’s feedback, questions, and related conversations. 
  • Market intelligence: Allows businesses to track changes in customer behavior while engaging with their and/or their competitor’s products. This functionality is not available in most other Brandwatch alternatives. 
  • Social intelligence: Advanced AI-powered sentiment analysis helps to find the most relevant and impactful analysis by tapping into billions of online consumer conversations. 

What makes it a great Brandwatch alternative?

1. Easy integration with other tools: Talkwalker allows easy integration with third-party marketing tech stack like business intelligence and social publishing.  

2. Brand reputation tracker: This Brandwatch alternative allows businesses to analyze and improve their brand reputation based on what their customers are saying.

Tip: Use the themes analytics page to generate a word cloud of all the keywords your brand is associated with. You can hover over each keyword to see how many times it has been mentioned.

4. Mention

Brandwatch alternative Mention is a social media management tool that helps agencies monitor the web, listen to, and administer social media. It allows you to monitor online media, understand your competition, and manage your online presence as a brand.

Key features

  • Monitor: Allows you to keep an eye on what people are saying about your brand/product. You can simply save information that’s important, leading to organized and clear reporting.
  • Listen: Social media teams can easily listen to thousands of online conversations across multiple social media handles and easily filter out important posts.
  • Publish: Agencies can get the most out of their social media marketing strategy using the publish feature. To quickly build your client’s social presence, you can plan and publish content directly from this tool.

What makes it a great Brandwatch alternative?

1. Mentions allow you to monitor your competitors and analyze their marketing strategies. 

2. Instant alerts feature makes it easy for agencies to keep track of what their audience is saying about their and/or their competitors’ products. 

Tip: The sentiment analysis feature might not always be correct. But Mention allows you to change the sentiment score for any conversation.

5. Awario

Awario is a social media monitoring tool and Brandwatch alternative that helps agencies oversee their client’s accounts, track marketing strategies, and perform competitive analysis. 

Key features

  • Nonstop monitoring: Makes sure that whenever your brand/product is mentioned in real-time, you’re the first one to be alerted.
  • Powerful analytics: Allows you to track important metrics like growth, mentions, and beyond, to analyse your performance, and give an overview of your customers’ emotions. 
  • White label reports: Agencies don’t have to spend time exporting raw data anymore, as this feature helps you create and share performance reports with your clients or team members within a few clicks. 

What makes it a great Brandwatch alternative?

1. Unlimited historic audience data and keywords: Agencies can use the real-time boolean search to monitor more social conversations without any limits.  

2. Finding leads: As a Brandwatch alternative social media monitoring tool, ̧Awario offers a dedicated system to help agencies find leads. You just need to fill in the brand name, description of the product, and competitors’ names and let the tool do its work.

Tip:You can exclude any keywords, language, country, or source while creating alerts. Awario also gives you the option to find mentions only with a specific URL, as well.

6. Brand24

Brand24 helps agencies grow their client’s brands on social media with the help of real-time data and insights into what people are saying about their brands or products. With the help of its monitoring, analytical, and reporting functions, you can identify relevant conversations to create insights and improve customer satisfaction. 

Key features

  • Mentions feed: Allows agencies to see what people are saying about the clients they engage with the customers in real-time. 
  • Volume chart: Agencies can use this feature to spot problems that customers are facing during social conversations and take action to improve brand image.
  • Mention analytics: Gives insight into who is engaging with your brand, and analyzes new trends and buzz in your industry to create better audience reports.

What makes it a great Brandwatch alternative?

1. This social media listening tool monitors all social media channels, and even podcasts and newsletters. 

2. For ease of use, Brand 24 has its mobile app for both Android and iOS users, making it more productive and easy for agencies to monitor online conversations.  

Tip: Use the most popular mentions option in the analytics tab to see which influencer in your industry has the most engaged audience.

7. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is a social media listening and monitoring tool that helps agencies track every mention and even non-tagged mentions of their brand/product. It provides a detailed analysis of the target audience, their demographics, emotion, and more, and gives suggestions based on the insights collected. 

Key features

  • Social intelligence advisor: It offers personalized advice to agencies based on the audience insights collected. 
  • Social media reporting tool: Enables agencies to create customizable reports based on your personal preference and needs.   
  • Review monitoring: Track major review sites, respond to customer reviews, and build trust with the audience from a single dashboard. 

What makes it a great Brandwatch alternative?

1. Clean user interface: Compared to most other social media competitor analytics tools, Mentionlytics has a clean user interface and simple, straightforward dashboards to make it easier for agencies to monitor everything.

2. Client pitches: Mentionlytics offers solutions for client pitches, analysis and reporting to make it easier for agencies to close clients. 

Tip: Mentionlytics integration with Google Data Studio allows agencies to analyze their data in Google data studio.

Wrapping Up

With so many social media monitoring, analytics, and reporting tools in the market, it can seem confusing to make the right choice for your social media agency. But, finding the right Brandwatch alternative is not that difficult. 

Social media reporting tool Keyhole helps your social media agency with: 

  • Brand reporting (by tracking and aggregating your brand’s social media metrics over a single dashboard)
  • Campaign reporting (by monitoring your campaigns and all relevant metrics in real time) 
  • Hashtag reporting (find trending hashtags and understand their performance) 
  • Influencer reporting (by tracking and comparing posts by influencers over a shareable dashboard) 

Over 7,000+ brands and social media agencies use Keyhole for social media reporting, monitoring, reporting, and analysis. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brandwatch used for?

Brandwatch is a social media management tool for social listening and digital consumer intelligence. It allows you to monitor conversations on social media around your brand, discover consumer internet and analyze competitors in real-time.

Brandwatch vs Keyhole: Which is better for social media analytics?

Brandwatch is commonly used by agencies for getting consumer insights and intelligence. Its features are designed to help brands understand and engage with consumers quickly.

Keyhole is widely used for social media monitoring and reporting. Consumer brands that carry out influencer marketing campaigns find Keyhole’s influencer marketing feature to be the most useful. Social media agencies use Keyhole’s automated social media reporting feature to save time and create presentation-ready client reports.

Keyhole is better than Brandwatch if you are looking for a comprehensive social media monitoring tool.

Which is the best social media analytics tool for 2024?

While Brandwatch is a widely used tool for social media monitoring, it does not have a free trial, is complicated for first-time users, and is expensive compared to other social media analytics tools. Other social media analytics tools are:
1. Keyhole
2. Emplifi
3. Hootsuite

Put an end to manual legwork once and for all.