We Analyzed A Million #Halloween2020 Social MediaPosts – This Is What We Learned

Despite restrictions, Halloween made a splash this year, at least on social media. There were over 963.7K posts with the hashtag #Halloween2020, which resulted in 5.5 billion impressions this past October, showing that people were still excited about the beloved holiday. But most importantly, what are people talking about? Table of Contents#TrickorTreat192.4K Posts and 589.9M … Read more

5 AI Tools For Social Media Campaigns In 2024

Ideating fresh content, creating visuals, analyzing performance, and engaging with your audience  — it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by this never-ending demand for fresh, compelling social media content. But what if there’s a powerful tool that can supercharge your social media efforts and save you countless hours?  Enter AI tools — the ultimate game-changing solutions … Read more

How To Create A Content Calendar For Your Business

Creating content can help your business generate more leads. Every published article, video, or podcast episode acts as a 24/7 salesperson that educates visitors about your brand, products, and services. You’ll also have to create pieces of content with different objectives. Some content attracts new visitors to your business, while other pieces of content focus … Read more

How To Maximize LinkedIn Hashtags For Enhanced Visibility

Hashtags are not just for Instagram and TikTok, they are also great for your LinkedIn posts. Just like on other platforms, using hashtags categorizes your content, making it easier for your posts to reach their intended audience.  That being said, picking a bunch of hashtags at random and sprinkling them through your posts isn’t going … Read more

Met Gala Trends On Social

Table of ContentsLatest Social Media Updates 🗞️Gold Nuggets & Resources🖊️#MetGala2024 in numbers 🔥Must-see Campaign 👀Tweet Tip ✨Meme Squad 💪Lovin’ it? 💛 Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. Meta is expanding its paid verification service for businesses, now including call support for the top tier subscribers at $350 per month. It is rolling out first in Australia and New Zealand. 2. Adam … Read more

Your Guide To Social Listening On LinkedIn + Top Tools

You’ll be missing out on valuable data that could be helpful in building your business without social media listening.  Did you know that 75% of internet users research products and services on social media before purchasing? That is why almost 61% of companies already have social media listening strategies in place. Social listening is an … Read more

Top 5 YouTube Monitoring Tools You Can’t Miss In 2024

As the world’s biggest video-sharing hub and second-largest search engine, YouTube is a global go-to for countless users – whether they’re looking for entertainment, education, or just a bit of fun. But making great videos isn’t just about luck anymore. Gone are the days when a random clip could skyrocket to fame on YouTube or … Read more

Sustainability In Social Media Marketing: 7 Strategies For Promoting Your Eco-Conscious Brand

Consumers today increasingly seek brands that reflect their values. Sustainability is a major concern, with people prioritizing eco-friendly products and practices. Studies reveal that 50% of consumers factor sustainability into their buying decisions. For sustainable brands, having a strong social media presence is important. Through the power of social media, you can connect with your … Read more

TikTok Bill Passed, What Now?

Table of ContentsLatest Social Media Updates 🗞️Gold Nuggets & Resources🖊️A Musical Marketing Month  🔥Must-see Campaign 👀Tweet Tip ✨Meme Squad 💪Lovin’ it? 💛 Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. The US House just passed a bill calling for ByteDance to sell TikTok or else face the dreaded ban hammer! TikTok plans to take the issue to court. *Phew 2. Pay-to-tweet is becoming a thing! … Read more