We Analyzed A Million #Halloween2020 Social MediaPosts – This Is What We Learned

Despite restrictions, Halloween made a splash this year, at least on social media. There were over 963.7K posts with the hashtag #Halloween2020, which resulted in 5.5 billion impressions this past October, showing that people were still excited about the beloved holiday. But most importantly, what are people talking about? Table of Contents#TrickorTreat192.4K Posts and 589.9M … Read more

Why Are Major Brands Withdrawing From Twitter(X) Ads?

Table of ContentsLatest Social Media Updates 🗞️Gold Nuggets & Resources🖊️Twist in OpenAI Tale 🧐Must-see Campaign 👀Tweet Tip ✨Meme Squad 💪Lovin’ it? 💛 Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. Your previously posted carousel posts will be deleted from the app starting December 14, and the feature itself will be removed as well. Before, LinkedIn also discontinued in-image linking and profile videos.  2. … Read more

70 Instagram Statistics You Must Know In 2024

As Instagram grows, it becomes an increasingly important platform for businesses and marketers. Keeping track of the latest trends and Instagram statistics in 2024 will help you stay ahead of the competition and ensure your brand makes the most of its presence on this preferred social media platform giant. In this blog post, we’ll discuss … Read more

Samsung’s Social Media Strategy: Widespread Reach With Curated Content

For the sheer size of their range, very few companies stand a chance in front of Samsung.  The Samsung Group conglomerate has dozens of affiliate companies under its banner. But the star player is Samsung Electronics, producer of their industry-leading TVs, smart gadgets, and mobile phones, most well known among which are the Samsung Galaxy … Read more

Facebook Analytics Guide 2024: How To Analyze & Use Your FB Data

You still haven’t started using Facebook Analytics, have you?  Could it be because you don’t understand it? Or perhaps you don’t know how to set it up in the first place. Maybe you don’t see why you should be using another Facebook analytics tool. You have Facebook Insights anyway.  We totally get it. But, here’s … Read more

How To Increase Your TikTok Engagement Rate In 2024?

With over 1.67 billion active monthly users, Tiktok is undoubtedly the most powerful platform for brands to build a loyal and engaged audience.  However, attracting and retaining your followers’ attention on TikTok is no easy feat. It requires more than merely following the latest trends and hoping your video goes viral. Even though there is … Read more

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