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Latest Social Media Updates ?️

1. TikTok has made a new update that restricts the ability to search for specific hashtags within its Creative Center tools.

2. Instagram is cooking up something exciting! They’re testing a cool feature where you can create Stories exclusively for your friends.

3. Podcasters can simply upload episodes on YouTube through RSS feeds. These audio gems transform into static-image videos and are exclusively available on YouTube.


Instagram is shaking things up by discontinuing group profiles from January 12! That means, soon you won’t be able to create or access group profiles on the platform.

Wait, group profiles? In case it doesn’t ring a bell, Instagram group profiles allowed you and others to post content on common interests in shared spaces.

But if you do have one, here is everything you need to know about it.

Gold Nuggets & Resources?️

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2. How To Calculate Follower Growth Rate For Instagram?

3. 8 Social Listening Examples: How Brands Are Thriving Digital Landscape

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Apple’s Social Media Strategy: Minimally Showy With Maximum Impact

Analysis of Apple’s social media accounts

Instagram: With 31.9 million followers, Apple’s Instagram page is a flourishing and rich source of great stories featuring Apple products.

YouTube: Since August last year, Apple has uploaded 23 videos on YouTube with a mind-blowing number of views — 206,805,708.

Facebook: Considering Apple’s content strategy and target audience, it is not surprising they don’t have any posts on Facebook, even though they have 14 million followers.

Twitter (now ‘X’): Apple’s main account on Twitter shows no activity, even though they have 9.67 million followers here. Apple Support, however, is active and full of consumer queries and replies.

What makes Apple’s social media strategy successful?

Apple’s social media strategy is a resounding success due to its knack for creating visually stunning content. They immerse their audience in real-life stories and picturesque frames with gripping narratives.

By actively engaging with customers through top-notch support and collaboration with celebrities, Apple establishes a sense of exclusivity and regality.

They know how to strike a perfect balance between being reserved and actively involved. Learn how they maintain a consistent brand image across platforms.

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Golden Globe Glitz ?

We bet you must be seeing the Golden Globe posts from 8th Jan onwards. From “Oppenheimer” being crowned Best Film, to “Poor Things” winning the Musical category, it was a night that left us spellbound.

We can’t help but commend the exceptional performances of Lily Gladstone and Paul Giamatti. The hit series Succession stole the spotlight, while “Barbie” brought a touch of enchantment.

With unexpected moments, laughter, and well-deserved recognition, the Golden Globe Awards 2024 truly delivered the cinematic magic we all crave. Meanwhile, netizens got their first meme template of the year and vibed.

  • Total number of posts shared: 2.1M
  • Total posts shared at peak hour: 1.30M
  • Total impressions: 22.0B
  • Sentiment Score: 87(Positive: 30, Neutral: 66, Negative: 4)

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