How to Run an Instagram Influencer Campaign (with downloadable templates!)

In one our previous articles, we explained Why Influencer Marketing with Social Media Celebrities is the Hottest Trend in luxury Fashion Marketing. Indeed, Instagram campaigns are very influential, not just in the fashion industry, but across all industries.

Since you have already been introduced to these campaigns and are convinced by their powerful results,  we’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you launch your own successful Instagram Influencer Campaign.  

1. Devise a Campaign Plan & Follow Through

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Just like writing an essay, you should always devise an outline before you add in content. Instagram Influencer Campaigns work exactly the same as the writing process, or anything in life as a matter of fact. Without a clear plan, the project might veer off and lose focus. Thus, having a well thought out framework will help you determine the exact steps you need to achieve your end result.


2. Find Influencers Who Align with Your Brand – Make a List

The most important advice is  — Don’t pick your influencers just because they are popular, make sure you find the right influencers for the right audience. So before you connect with Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian, first confirm that they align with your company goals and brand.

influencer marketing

If you are a small company, you will most likely not hear back from the most influential Instagram stars.

But that’s okay.

Spend some time scrolling through Instagram, exploring keywords or pages that are related to your specific campaign or business. From those you will be able to identify numerous potential candidates with an audience base that fits into your niche.

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Try to look for influences with more than 100k followers. A higher number, in this case would mean higher exposure and more brand awareness.

WARNING! Be careful about the numbers! A high number of followers does not directly correlate to high engagement on the Instagram account. Followers can be purchased on Instagram, so make sure to go through the posts and look for a good balance between the likes and comments.

A quick formula to measure Engagement rate:

ER = Average number of Likes / Instagram Influencer’s  Number of Followers

As of 2015, the average engagement on Instagram for top brand is, around 2% so anything above 3% is a good bet.

3. Reach For the “Stars”

After compiling a list of possible candidates for your campaign, reach out and ask to collaborate. Usually their contact information should be clearly displayed in the short bio on their Instagram page with links to their personal blogs, websites, or other social media platforms.

Instagram Influencer Outreach Campaign

How long does it take for them to reply?

For influencers with a smaller following base, their contact information is usually private. But once you find the contact info, they will respond back fairly quickly as they want to take the chance to become more distinguished. In our experience, Influencers with less than 10k following usually took less than a week to reply.

For well-established influencers, the contact information will probably connect you to an agency, which could potentially slow down the reply rate or could even disregard your request if they see  little value in your campaign. If they don’t respond within a week, follow up!

When you contact your desired influencers, explain that you wish to launch an Instagram campaign to promote your business and would love to have them advertise for you. (ps. If they are interested, ask them to send you a quote). Be clear on your expectations. Also include a brief sentence or two explaining what your company does and what the campaign is about.

Here is a sample email:

Hi [Name],

My name is Jenny, in charge of Social Media for Keyhole. We’re a social analytics tool that provides real-time visual dashboard for Twitter & Instagram. 

I loved your recent post on Instagram Marketing. We’re running an Instagram campaign [name of campaign/summary] We would love to have you involved.

If you’re interested, send us a quote and we will discuss more in detail.

Thank you for your time!



Pro tip: Keep everything as short as possible. These influencers are extremely busy, so don’t waste their time and get straight to the point. You can share more details with them once they hop on board.

Here are some common ways brands involve influencers for their Social Media Campaign..

  • Shoutout for fee or perks
  • Product Placement Photos
  • How-to content with product/service
  • Spokesperson

4. Create a Landing Page

Set up a simple and clear landing page for your campaign, including an opt-in form that your influencers can share on their Instagram accounts to lead traffic to your business.

The goal of the landing page is NOT to sell your products but to attract new leads. Most importantly, through the mentioning/tagging of your brand on your influencers’ pages, you want to collect more contact information so that in the future you can eventually allure your potential clients with email marketing.

To attract new potential customers to share their contact information, you must coax it out of them by offering a valuable incentive — FREE offers/guide/report/lesson/ebook/video series…etc.

5. Now’s The Time — Launch Your Campaign!

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”

— Peter F. Drucker

First, come up with a creative hashtag.

Instagram is a social media platform that people use during their leisure time, so toss the boring, generic hashtags in the trash, and use unique, funky hashtags. Don’t be shy!  

With the actual Instagram post that your influencers will share, there are 3 sub-steps you can take to maximize results.

  1. Attractive Picture

Either showcase your product or a powerful quote on the Instagram photo.

  1. Caption w/Strong Call to Action

Write a captivating caption with a strong call-to-action to invite your influencer’s followers

to visit your Instagram site

  1. Share the Link of Your Landing Page

Insert the link to your company’s landing page in the caption of the photo. If possible, also place the link in your influencer’s bio with a brief mention of your business.

6. Analyze Your Campaign Results

“Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes.”

― John Dewey

After any campaign, whether it’s on Instagram or not, you should conduct a thorough analysis to measure how well your campaign has met your goals you had set out earlier in your outline, and pinpoint any areas you could fix or alter next time.

Two key metrics you need to measure are the reach and engagement of your campaign. Reach reporting can be done on the total reach, unique reach, and top participants, as well as generate a post and reach timeline.

Similarly, engagement reporting measures the relative engagement, pIQ score, user participation, and follower impact of your Instagram campaign. By using a link tracker on your landing page, you can also analyze the ROI of your campaign based on the number of clicks and overall engagement.

Keyhole offers real time hashtag tracking, allowing you to see how many people posted with your hashtag, the number of regrams, likes, and impressions your campaign is generating at a glance.
#Tiff2015 ← Tracker for #Tiff2015

As you can see from the dashboard, #Tiff2015 had a total of 183 users used #Tiff2015, resulting in a total reach of 441, 973, and a total impression of 1,967,555. Aside from numerical data, the report also compiles the most popular location, demographics, and related keywords related to your campaign. Furthermore, the timeline displays times of the highest engagement, which in this case, spikes at around 11am.

Instagram Influencer Marketing may seem like an easy job since all the influencer needs to do is to post an Instagram picture on his or her account to help promote your company; however lots of planning and research goes on behind the scenes.

But, don’t worry! The hard work does pay off. Influencer marketing on Instagram has shown consistently successful results. Now that you know exactly how to run a campaign, don’t hesitate to spice up your marketing strategy!

Who knows? Maybe your next Instagram campaign will go viral!


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