Top 7 Social Media Competitor Analytics Tools For Marketers And Agencies 

Social media with almost 4.6 million people, is poised to become the most important resource for data insights that help businesses grow.

That’s why using social media analytics tools has become indispensable for crushing brand competition and building an engaged social media audience.

Learning about your competitors’ social media performance helps you identify your brand’s strengths and shortcomings while taking advantage of the market opportunities. 

There are umpteen social media competitor tools in the market that give you competitor insights and enable you to improve your social media strategy. 

In this guide, we will delve into some of the best competitor analytics tools for social media.

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7 Best Social Media Competitor Tools 

1. Keyhole

Keyhole is a social media management tool that automates the social media report creation process, thereby saving you hours of manual work. 

It is trusted by agencies and global brands around the world as it simplifies reporting with its beautiful dashboards. Offering a host of features like competitor benchmarking, social listening, brand and campaign monitoring, influencer analytics as well as social publishing, this is a complete social media management tool your brand or agency needs.

Key features

  • Shareable dashboard: The live and shareable dashboard makes it easy to share the latest reports with your team in seconds.
  • Competitor analytics tool for social media: Keyhole deep-dives into competitors’ campaigns and content strategies to find your own opportunities. This allows you to benchmark against competitors’ social media metrics.
  • Influencer marketing campaigns: With better reporting and analytics of influencer campaigns and influencer tracking, you are able to effectively measure the impact of each influencer. With hashtag tracking, you are able to find the most impactful influencer accounts before your competitors. 
  • Connects all social media platforms: By connecting with the APIs of social platforms, it updates all the metrics, thereby eliminating the need for manual data entry. Automate data entry by connecting with the APIs of social platforms, it updates all the metrics, thereby eliminating the need for manual data entry.

When to use the tool: When you need to be ahead of the competition, the need for a robust and timely dashboard and reports is a must. With its reports on brand, campaign, hashtag, and influencer reporting, Keyhole is your go-to social media competitor analytics tool.

Pricing: Keyhole has a 14-day free trial and 4 pricing plans, starting from $89/month to customized for enterprise organizations.

2. RivalIQ

Crushing your competition is tough but with RivalIQ, you get powerful social media competitor analytics. This allows you to create custom reports and make smarter social media decisions to be ahead of your competition. 

Key features

  • Competitive analytics: This is a powerful competitor analytics tool for building your social media strategy. By performing a competitive audit and benchmarking your social media metrics against competitors, you can rectify the exact problem areas you see in your social audit.
  • Social analytics tool: The efficient, easy-to-use tool is designed for social media analytics like alerts, boosted post detection, Twitter mentions, positioning comparison, and popular topics. Plus, with the integration of your competitors’ performance right inside the tool, you can easily improve your social media marketing strategy. 
  • Custom analytics: By providing analysis of your social content, popular topics, hashtags analytics, and social posts tagging, you are able to see what’s really working for your brand.

When to use the tool: Use this tool for competitive analysis, social posts analysis, social reporting, and social media audits. 

Pricing: RivalIQ has three-tiered pricing, ranging $239, $329, and $519/month.

3. Emplifi

Emplifi is a platform that provides powerful experience solutions across the customer journey by identifying critical gaps in their social media experiences with your brand.

With its powerful analytics and reporting, this social media competitor analytics tool is great for social media performance metrics that helps you improve your customer experience strategy.

Key features

  • Customer experience solutions: If you are focused on providing unrivaled customer experiences across the customer journey, including to your call centres, then this tool provides powerful cloud services of social marketing, social commerce, and customer service. 
  • Social marketing cloud: By providing memorable experiences at scale across your social media channels, Emplifi converts followers into customers. It does this by analyzing trends and optimizing performance along with providing real-time intelligence.
  • Social commerce cloud: If you are looking for providing easy shopping experiences within your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, then Emplifi handles this pretty well, from synchronizing inventory management across the storefronts to driving conversion on your eCommerce platform.
  • Service cloud: The tool is also designed to empower your contact center and provide automated customer support through chatbots and email solutions.

When to use the tool: If you’re looking for a complete customer experience tool that powers your social marketing, social commerce, and customer service, then look no further than Emplifi. 

Pricing: Custom

4. Mention

If web monitoring is what you’re looking at, then Mention is your go-to tool. It lets you listen to your audience online and manage social media conversations happening for your brand. Use Mention if you want to have audience, brand, competitive, and marketing insights at your fingertips. 

Key features

  • Monitor the web and social media: This tool allows you to easily monitor over 1 billion sources across the web like social media, forums, news, blogs, and review sites, and pinpoints conversations about your brand or product
  • Competitor analytics tool for social media: You can monitor conversations happening online about your competitors, measure your share of voice around important topics or trends, and analyze your performance against them.
  • Manage brand reputation: As a social media monitoring tool, Mention tells you the conversations happening around your brand, you know how your brand is perceived online, and are able to manage it better. You are even able to take timely action and prevent or manage a crisis situation better.

When to use the tool: By listening about your brand you’ll be able to understand how your brand is perceived and you can respond to crises timely and manage your online reputation.

Pricing: Mention has a free pricing plan along with four paid plans starting from €29/month. 

5. lets you and your team manage social media channels effortlessly by building scalable and collaborative workflows. The social media competitor analytics tool lets you put your social media activities on autopilot and monitor competitors’ social media performance metrics.

You can generate reports that throw light on competitors’ top-performing content and benchmark your own content against the competitors. 

Key features

  • Easy content planning and scheduling: The collaborative workflows make automating the planning, scheduling, and publishing of content across all social channels easy.
  • Social media competitor analytics: Sociality is a great tool to know competitor analytics that covers their social media performance metrics, content strategy, and advertising campaigns. 
  • Social media reports: If you want to get actual insights into all your social channels in one place, then this tool provides detailed social media analytics reports. This lets you track all the KPIs in one place.
  • Social CRM: You are able to manage social media engagement efficiently by encouraging teamwork. It lets you see the actions your team has taken to help social media audiences by showing data like conversation logs, first replies, and closing times.  

When to use the tool: If you want to manage your social presence in a single dashboard, then this full-service social channels management and competitor analytics tool for social media is the solution.

Pricing: Sociality has a three-tiered pricing plan, starting from $99/month to custom pricing for enterprise businesses. 

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a powerful social media management tool that completely transforms your social media management by helping you manage audience interactions and grow stronger customer relationships. 

Key features

  • Understand your audience: Sprout Social provides complete industry insights and trends from social data that helps you to understand your audience better.
  • Audience engagement: Right content creation based upon research of what’s performing helps you to reach your audience with the right content. Content insights help you to plan, organize, schedule, and drive content that resonates and builds engagement
  • Brand advocacy: It empowers employees to become brand advocates by making content shareable and facilitates brand building.
  • Boost social media management efficiency: Being among the first social media competitor analytics tools, SproutSocial is used extensively to build, connect, and engage with customers for building brand loyalty. From community management to customer support, the tool reduces response time and personalizes responses. 

When to use the tool: Use the tool for gathering competitor intelligence for brands and agencies, setting benchmarks, and also get actionable insights on your social efforts.

Pricing: Sprout Social has three-tiered pricing starting from $89/month to $249/month. 

7. Socialinsider

One of the competitor analytics tools that provides in-depth social media insights is SocialInsider. Brands and agencies can get complete social media analytics, reporting, as well as competitors’ analysis through its intuitive dashboard. 

Key features

  • Competitor analysis: This feature tells you how your competitors’ social content is performing as it is a powerful competitive analysis tool. 
  • Measure your social performance: It provides social media metrics and analytics across all social channels in one place.
  • Gain strategic industry insights: Competitor metrics and analytics lets you know what’s trending and helps in planning your content marketing strategy.

When to use the tool: Use this social media competitive benchmarking, reporting, and analytics tool to get valuable insights into your own social media strategy and make better business decisions.

Pricing: SocialInsider has three-tiered pricing ranging $83/month, $166/month and custom-pricing. 

Over to you 

Performing a social media competitor analysis is important for elevating your own social media efforts.

Now that you know about the top social media competitor tools that will help you conduct a competitive analysis, it’s time for fine-tuning your own marketing strategy for building a powerful social presence and brand credibility. 

Keyhole’s powerful social media competitor analytics helps you organize, analyze, and improve your social media strategy. Sign up for a 14-day free trial. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which tool is best for competitor analysis?

Keyhole social media management tool is used by 100,000+ brands for competitor analysis. Businesses use Keyhole to uncover competitors’ content strategy and social media marketing strategies and see what works best for them.

What is social media competitor analysis?

Social media competitor analysis involves analyzing your competitors on social media to find opportunities for your brand’s growth. You can identify your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses to understand how these brands are better at social media marketing.
The five steps to perform competitor analysis on social media are:
1. Identify your competitors
2. Set benchmarks for measuring performance
3. Study the competitor’s campaigns, influencer activities
4. Carry out sentiment analysis
5. Step up your competitive analysis using Keyhole

Why do companies use free competitor social media analytics tool?

Social media competitor analysis gives you insights into:
1. Best times to post on social media
2. Performance benchmarks
3. New ideas for your social media marketing strategy
4. The competitor’s content strategy on social media

You can either do this manually or save hundreds of hours using a free competitor social media analytics tool.