What does Mid mean in social media slang?

In social media slang, Mid is a term used to describe something that is of average quality or mediocre.

It’s a shorthand critique that suggests something isn’t terrible but is far from excellent—essentially, it’s just okay.

The rise of Mid in online vernacular

“Mid” has carved out its place in the online lexicon, especially among younger internet users. It gained traction in communities centered around music and gaming, where fans and players are often vocal about their opinions.

The term has since spread to broader social media use, becoming a common way to express a lukewarm reaction to anything from the latest album drops to meme trends.

Examples of Mid in social media posts

You might scroll past a tweet that reads, “That new series everyone’s talking about? Kinda mid, to be honest.” Here, Mid succinctly conveys the tweeter’s opinion that the show is nothing special.

Or, in a product review, a commenter might say, “The graphics are mid at best,” indicating that the visual quality doesn’t impress them. These examples show Mid in action, providing a quick and easy way to rate something without going into detail.

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