What does NPC stand for?

NPC stands for “Non-Player Character”. The term “NPC” originates from video game culture and is used to describe characters in a game that are controlled by the computer rather than by a player. 

On social media, it is often used metaphorically to describe someone who is perceived as lacking independent thought or blindly following trends.

How is NPC pronounced?

NPC is pronounced as individual letters: “N-P-C” or you can also say it as “en-pee-see”.

Where did the NPC trend come from?

The term “NPC” originated from the world of gaming, specifically from the concept of non-player characters. 

This term was then adopted and expanded upon in online communities, particularly on platforms like 4chan, where it began being used metaphorically to describe individuals who are perceived as lacking independent thought or blindly following trends. 

The meme gained popularity within these communities and subsequently spread to various social media platforms. The term’s usage has continued to evolve and expand beyond its original context.

What does NPC in TikTok mean?

Calling someone an NPC on TikTok could imply that they are acting in a scripted or robotic manner, not expressing independent thoughts or originality.

Another interpretation is related to the trend known as NPC Streaming, where users live stream themselves acting like “NPCs” or automated non-player characters with pre-written dialogue.

These live streamers often mimic the repetitive behavior and catchphrases associated with NPCs in video games, creating unique and sometimes nonsensical content.

Who started the NPC trend in TikTok?

The NPC trend on TikTok is believed to have originated from the live streams of a Japanese TikToker named @natuecoco. 

@natuecoco was one of the earliest known TikTok live streamers to do NPC streams, where she would act like a video game NPC, demonstrating “idle animations” and lightly bouncing while only reacting when given a gift. Her NPC live streams gained attention and popularity, inspiring others to join in and create their own NPC content on TikTok.

When to use the word NPC on social media?

  • Gaming talk: If you’re chatting about video games or tech stuff, go ahead and use “NPC” to refer to those non-player characters. That’s totally accepted in those circles.
  • Metaphorical banter: Sometimes, people use “NPC” metaphorically to describe those folks who just follow the crowd and don’t think for themselves. If you think it fits a situation or behavior you want to discuss, give it a go.
  • Be respectful: Keep in mind that words can have an impact, so be mindful not to offend or upset others. Avoid using “NPC” in a mean or insulting way – that won’t help anyone have a good time.
  • Think about the context: Consider who you’re talking to and the vibes of the conversation. Respect others’ feelings and viewpoints. If the use of “NPC” might make someone feel ignored or made fun of, it’s best to steer clear.

In the end, the most important thing is to treat others with empathy and respect in your online chats. So, choose your words wisely and keep the vibes positive. 

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