What does Rizz mean?

“Rizz” is a slang term used on social media platforms. It refers to someone’s ability to flirt and be charming, specifically when pursuing a romantic interest. 

The term is derived from the word “charisma” and is used to describe someone who possesses undeniable swag.

How to pronounce Rizz?

It is pronounced as “riz” with a short “i” sound, similar to the word “is”.

Why did Rizz become popular?

While it originated from New York slang, it gained widespread popularity online when Twitch streamers Silky, Kai Cenat, and Duke Dennis live-streamed their online dates in May 2021. 

It spread like wildfire through their streaming sessions and gained attention from their followers and the online community at large. Since then, the term “rizz” has been used on various social media platforms to showcase skills and charm, particularly in the realm of romantic pursuits.

What are the different types of Rizz?

  • Rizz as slang: “Rizz” is a slang term that originated on social media platforms, particularly on TikTok. It has gained popularity among younger generations. The exact meaning of “rizz” can vary, but it is often used to describe something positive, exciting, or attractive. It can be used as an adjective, noun, or verb.
  • Rizz lines: “Rizz lines” are clever and often cheesy one-liners used to break the ice and make a good impression on someone. These lines can be used in various social contexts, such as in conversations or online dating.
  • Unspoken rizz: “Unspoken rizz” refers to the underlying vibes or energy in a situation that are not explicitly expressed but can be felt. It can refer to a particular mood.

How do you use the word Rizz on social media?

  • Positive experiences: Use “rizz” to describe an event or a moment that brings you joy, excitement, or positivity.
  • Fun activities: Rizz perfectly portrays situations that are lively, dynamic, or full of energy. 
  • Mood: Rizz can be used to convey a particular mood or vibe that you want to convey. 

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