What does Lowkey in social media lingo?

“Lowkey” is a term used on social media to subtly emphasize a statement or feeling, often indicating that something is significant but not overly intense.

It’s a way for users to express muted excitement, understated agreement, or a quiet wish.

Origin of Lowkey

The term “lowkey” has roots in everyday language, often used to describe something done quietly or subtly. However, with the rise of platforms like Twitter and TikTok, its meaning has expanded. 

In the realm of social media, “lowkey” often precedes a statement or opinion that might be a subtle confession, a muted excitement, or even an understated rant. It’s a way for users to share feelings or thoughts that might not be overtly intense but are significant enough to mention.


What’s the difference between “Lowkey” vs. “Highkey”?

While “lowkey” has its place in the social media lexicon, its counterpart “highkey” is equally significant. Where “lowkey” is all about subtlety, “highkey” is its boisterous sibling. It’s used to amplify feelings or opinions. 

While “lowkey” might be perfect for subtle endorsements or muted announcements, “highkey” can be leveraged for moments of excitement, major launches, or when emphasizing strong brand sentiments.

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