Is TikTok Copying YouTube For Views?

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️

1. Is TikTok competing with YouTube? Well, TikTok is actually encouraging creators to post longer, horizontal videos, aiming to boost their viewership within 72 hours.

2. X has introduced topic tags for groups, so community admins can boost their visibility in related searches. By adding up to 10 relevant tags, you can garner attention from the right tribe. 

3. Surprisingly, Threads saw an increase in downloads after launching in the European Union. It received 12 million downloads on the Apple App Store and 16 million on Google Play, suggesting an interesting growth.


Guess what? X has finally launched audio and video calls for Android users after a successful launch in iOS.

Now you can use X for any face-to-face conversations with your colleagues, friends, or even followers. This move is another step forward in X’s quest to become an “everything” app.

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Stanley’s Social Media Strategy: Influencer-Driven Marketing Reinvention

Analysis of Stanley’s social media accounts

Instagram: In the last three months, Stanley has posted 47 times on Instagram, leading to a total of 1,078,602 engagements. The brand has a lot of interaction and engagement here, thanks to the regular posts and reels combined with giveaways and collaborations.

YouTube: Stanley uses YouTube mainly for ads and initiative videos as well as some new product launches. While the brand has not posted anything in the last 3 months, it has a total of 2.24 million views.

Facebook: With 255,138 page likes on Facebook, Stanley maintains a consistent cycle of posting once every few days. The brand has posted 21 times in the past three months and has garnered a lot of engagement.

Twitter (now ‘X’): With Stanley-related hashtags trending on Twitter, the brand engages audiences with current topics and discussions related to the bottles. Replies are Stanley’s most frequent post type.

What makes Stanley’s social media strategy successful?

Stanley’s social media strategy is a sensation, creating an interactive world of adventure, mystery, and success. Stanley appeals to millennial customers with taglines and themes, promoting environmental concerns and sustainability.

No wonder, they sold thousands of products in a few days through Instagram by sharing fascinating stories and user-generated content. Stanley is definitely setting the standards high and continues to dominate on millions of feeds.

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Oscar Buzz 🏆

Get ready for a Hollywood drama! The Oscars nominations have caused a stir, and the spotlight is on the mega-hit film, “Barbie.”

This unexpected gem snagged a whopping eight Academy Awards nods, including a shot at Best Picture. But there’s a plot twist: director Greta Gerwig and leading lady Margot Robbie were snubbed in the directing and acting categories, leaving fans in shock.

Social media erupted with outrage, with fans pointing out the irony of a film celebrating women’s empowerment facing its own gender bias. However, amidst the storm, there was hope. Ryan Gosling, who played Ken, received a nomination for Best Supporting Actor, keeping the fan flame burning for “Barbie.”

As the Oscars approach, “Barbie” is at the center of a powerful conversation about representation and equality in the film industry. The snubs serve as a stark reminder that even in the world of Barbieland, the fight for recognition continues.

Here’s a quick recap of numbers where netizens expressed their concern regarding Oscar nominations on social media:

  • Total number of posts shared: 3.70M
  • Total posts shared at peak hour: 1.18M
  • Total impressions: 33.50B
  • Sentiment Score: 69(Positive: 25, Neutral: 63, Negative: 11)

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