Goodbye, Linktree!

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April was unbearably hot for many reasons! The past few weeks have been full of drama and much-awaited updates, and we have all the details you need.

Firstly, the Coachella music festival has been making headlines for all the right reasons. Our team has been following the story closely, and we have all the latest updates for you.

Secondly, Musk is in a pickle after removing the blue ticks. He waited way too long for celebrities to pay $8/mo for the blue tick. As a consequence, we got up one fine day seeing our fav celebrities losing their identity hallmark.

Last but not least, Instagram has finally released its most awaited feature. You won’t want to miss this.

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Latest social media updates you wouldn’t want to miss:

1. After unsettling tweets over verified blue badges, the ticks have mysteriously made a comeback. They have reappeared for accounts having at least a million followers.

2. Instagram finally made it possible to add up to 5 links in the bio without using Linktree. You can add a URL along with a brief description as well.

3. LinkedIn adds new custom CTA buttons to redirect profile visitors to specific URLs. It is available only to LinkedIn Premium members for now.

Bonus: Time spent on Instagram has grown more than 24% since it launched Reels on the platform. The AI-driven content suggestion algorithm is believed to be behind this rise.

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Background: Sociowash, an Indian digital marketing agency, helps global brands market their new launches on social media. Well-known market leaders like Starbucks, Google Digital Unlocked, One Plus, Tinder, Samsung, etc., rely on Sociowash for innovative and creative campaigns.

Problem: Sociowash had to track every piece of data in messy sheets. The team had to collaborate on multiple sheets for each client. The entire process was time-consuming and inaccurate at times.

Process: With Keyhole, Sociowash tracks influencers working on different campaigns. They get access to diversified metrics and better understand the campaign’s engagement and performance rates.

Result: Sociowash can actively track real-time public responses and reactions to their client’s campaigns. Keyhole also streamlined Sociowash’s team collaboration. More than 10 users actively use the tool for managing client campaigns together. They could also go the extra mile and generate social media reports in minutes for clients when needed.

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What’s Trending? ?

Coachella 2023 lived up to the expectation. The ultimate music festival experience with a star-studded lineup had way too many surprises.

From BlackPink being the festival’s first K-pop headliner to Zendaya’s comeback to live singing on stage after 8 years, Coachella amassed more attention than ever.

Jeff Bezos also broke the internet with his event picture in a butterfly shirt, which wouldn’t cost more than $12. Seems like even billionaires love laid-back weekends to chill once in a while!

Since it was causing quite an uproar, we thought to track the event.

  • Total number of posts shared: 16.2M
  • Total posts shared at peak hour: 6.04M
  • Total impressions: 21.7B
  • Sentiment Score: 79

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