How Should #Travel Brands Use Twitter?


Twitter has quickly become a powerful tool for travelers, and they’re using it for everything from researching destinations to connecting with their hotels and airlines for discounts.  Twitter and Millward Brown recently published an infographic describing how travelers use Twitter, and here are some valuable tips on how brands should use the social network.

Travelers use Twitter before, during and after trips

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Travelers also use tools like hashtags to find information related to their destination, hotel, or airline of choice. Twitter Chats are also used by them to gain valuable insight or simply ask questions directly on their profile in hopes of receiving some answers. Individuals on Twitter use the social media platform during four stages of travel:

  • 21% of travelers use Twitter before a trip
  • 39% of travelers use Twitter during their trip
  • 28% of travels use Twitter after their trip
  • 19% of travelers use Twitter to share feedback about their experiences

Travelers talk to brands directly on Twitter, and their perceptions are often influenced by this engagement

Twitter Engagement with Brands

With so many people on Twitter discussing their travel plans and experiences, it is no surprise that Twitter is also an invaluable tool for travel brands and destinations. Travelers help spread the word about otherwise unknown places, essentially providing businesses with free advertising. When a traveler visits an establishment and has a positive experience, it is likely they will post about it on Twitter.

In fact, 27% of travelers have used Twitter to share a good experience they had with a travel brand. In comparison, 24% of travelers have used their handle to share negative experiences they had with a brand. Negative feedback on Twitter allows travel brands the opportunity to set things right with their customers publically. Individuals and business can connect on Twitter in a number of ways, producing some surprising results as indicated below:

  • 40% of travelers have engaged with a travel brand on Twitter
  • 28% of these travelers received a response from the company
  • 73% of them felt more positively about the brand afterwards

What travelers what to see on Twitter, and how they can be influenced

Twitter - Influencing Travel

Twitter has proven to be very influential to travelers: 51% of travelers saying that Twitter has influenced their consideration of a brand and 44% said they are more likely to learn about a new brand through Twitter.

New travel brands should take pointers from the more established companies by posting relative content that Twitter users want to see:

  • 46% of travelers want exclusive discounts
  • 41% of travelers want last minute deals
  • 30% of travelers want contests or promotions
  • 30% of travelers want funny content
  • 27% of travelers want travel ideas and stories

With over 284 million monthly active users and over 500 million Tweets sent per day – Twitter is a powerhouse when it comes to social media. Travelers and travel brands alike will continue to connect with the world in hopes of finding and creating awareness about travel.

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