7 Holiday Ads That Dominated Social Media [2016 Edition]

We may know it as the season to be jolly, but for advertisers the holidays are a time of cutthroat competition.

Blockbuster-quality seasonal ads are part of a longstanding tradition, with many companies investing millions of dollars each year (just look at retailer John Lewis, who spent $8.7m on their 2015 slot alone). Ultimately, they know it’s a smart investment: the National Retail Federation predicts this year’s holiday spending to exceed $650 billion in the US alone, and the right ad can be key to directing those funds your way.

2016 saw an impressive number of holiday ads go viral, with contributions coming from seasoned veterans (we’re looking at you, John Lewis) and newcomers (well-played, Allegro) alike.  To see how this year’s ads stacked up, we used Keyhole to dig into what the people of Twitter have to say. Instead of focusing on view count, we decided to rank the Top 7 ads based on social buzz (and we’re glad we did – take a look at #4!)

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How to Create and Run a Successful Twitter Chat [Madalyn Sklar Interview]

Madalyn Sklar has run Twitter chats for more than five years, using them to help grow into a marketing thought leader.

A coach and consultant for businesses looking to strengthen their presences on social media, she’s lectured at schools and spoken at events such as South by Southwest (SXSW) and Social Media Marketing World (SMMW).

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How to Run a Twitter Influencer Campaign

Run a Twitter Influencer Marketing Campaign

A quick browse through your Twitter feed will show that people don’t always flock to companies for information about their products and services. Instead, they’re seeking influencers – popular, personable and independent content creators who aren’t afraid to share opinions on social media.

And the statistics paint a clear picture why.

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5 Valuable Hashtag Marketing Strategies Proven to Engage Audiences

Hashtag Marketing Strategies to Engage Followers

Using hashtags effectively goes beyond casually plugging them into your tweets and posts.

On platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, calculated hashtag marketing can boost impressions, make your content more searchable and encourage users to talk about your brand. That’s why learning how to leverage tagged topics should be a priority for marketers.

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5 Best Christmas Hashtag Campaigns

Christmas for most is presents and jingles, but for social media marketers, it’s a season of frenzy. Social media is brand’s top choice to engage and celebrate holiday season with their customers. Here’s Keyhole’s roundup of the most noteworthy christmas hashtag campaigns.

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10 Best Fashion Social Media Campaigns

Fashion industry have it easy when it comes to social media campaigns. They have so much more colour, shapes, and glamour to work with than other industries. Grabbing this congenital opportunity, fashion brands have all started launching social media campaigns throughout the decade. Here’s a list of the 10 best fashion social media campaigns proven by their successful results.

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The Only Twitter Chat Guide You Need to Read

The first time you attend a dinner party can be very nerve wrecking. Should I bring anything? Where should I sit? What if I don’t like the food? Is it polite to ask for seconds?

This experience is similar to someone attending your Twitter chat for the first time. Like any other host, you want to make sure that your guests feel prepared, welcomed, and relaxed.

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