No, You Don’t Need a “Social Media Command Center” for Events; Here’s How ONE (!) Woman Managed the #Grammys

When a big event is coming up, brands love to talk about big “Social Media Command Centers” they’ve setup, with a infinite number of people staring at uncountable monitors.

If you want to succeed with event management, this must be the only want to do it, right?


Here’s a great video from Mashable about how one woman does it all for the Grammys — an event that generated 13.8 million tweets, and 862 million impressions, according to Twitter.

What’s the secret?

A huge part of what we do is making sure that we’re tracking the conversation, so we can be fluid and adjust to what people are talking about, what’s trending, what kind of content we should be putting out.

Remember, “tracking the conversation” doesn’t require an all-out Social Media Command Center. Many of us do it everyday, either directly on Twitter, using in-stream tools like Tweetdeck, or dedicated tools like Keyhole (I hope!).

Go forth, grasshopper. Setup your event hashtag, track what attendees are saying, and engage them like you would any other friend.

So the next time you feel like you — an individual community manager — can’t do it all, think again!

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