LinkedIn Engagement Rate: How to calculate it? (Formula + Calculator)

To scale your business, you need to grow your professional network in your industry. Here, LinkedIn is the best option for you. 

The platform boasts about 875 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. 

This wide audience pool of industry experts and professionals can effectively introduce you to your target audience. It pushes your brand in front of the decision-makers and builds credibility. 

But to achieve all that, your engagement rate on the platform should be top-notch. We have compiled a guide with useful tips and tricks to help you improve your engagement rate. 

Let’s start with the most important question first.

What is the LinkedIn engagement rate?

LinkedIn engagement rate is the measurement that counts how many people have interacted with a page’s posts through likes, comments, and shares. 

Brands focus on LinkedIn engagement because it helps them connect with industry experts, acquire more customers, and increase brand visibility. LinkedIn posts with low engagement do not appear on as many feeds as those that get a high level of engagement. 

With this in mind, the next step is to understand why your LinkedIn engagement rate matters.

Why does your LinkedIn engagement rate matter?

Here are some benefits of prioritizing your LinkedIn engagement rate: 

1. A better engagement rate on LinkedIn drives people to take interest in your brand. When new viewers see positive comments on your posts, it makes them more inclined to follow your content. 

2. Improved engagement prompts the LinkedIn algorithm to push more of your content on user feeds. This improves visibility and helps you reach a wider set of audience.

3. Tracking your engagement rate gives you insights into necessary improvements. A proper balance of likes, comments, and shares reflects a community that truly likes your brand. If your posts get more likes but almost no comments or shares, you need to reevaluate your LinkedIn content strategy.

4. Better engagement builds credibility and establishes brand loyalty.

5. Enhanced engagement allows you to gather feedback from an audience of diverse demographics. This assists you in improving your services and providing a better customer experience.

Now that you know why a good LinkedIn engagement rate matters, the next section will address what a good LinkedIn engagement rate looks like.

What is a good LinkedIn engagement rate?

There is no fixed number for a good LinkedIn engagement rate. It depends on the industry you are active in and the audience you are targeting. 

Nonetheless, marketing experts agree that between 1% to 3.5% can be considered a good engagement rate. 

The next logical step in this sequence is to understand how to measure your LinkedIn engagement rate. Read the next section to understand it.

How to calculate the LinkedIn engagement rate?

To calculate your LinkedIn engagement, you need the following stats: 

  • Post impressions
  • Post comments
  • Post reactions
  • Post shares

The formula to determine the LinkedIn engagement rate is the following:

Engagement rate = (Total engagement/ Total impressions) * 100

Here, total engagement stands for the total likes, comments, and shares your posts have received. 

Here is an example:

Let’s say we are calculating the engagement rate for a particular post. The post has received 751 likes, 439 comments, and 23 shares. Total impressions are 7,000. 

The basic formula we are operating with here is: 

ER (Engagement Rate in %) = [(Total Engagement (751 + 439 + 23)] / 7000) * 100

The total engagement here is 1,213. 

So, the ER here is (1,213/7,000) * 100 = 17%.

Instead of doing the heavy lifting yourself, you can opt for a third-party tool like Keyhole’s LinkedIn analytics to check how your posts are performing.Now that you know the basics and have the right tool, here’s how you can work towards increasing your LinkedIn engagement rate.

8 Tips to increase your LinkedIn engagement rate

LinkedIn’s potential in building an extensive professional network is unmatched. But to reap the benefits properly, you need to strategize a thorough and methodical plan. 

Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind while planning your LinkedIn marketing strategy:

1. Post consistently

The key to building a loyal following on social media is to be consistent with your efforts. LinkedIn is no exception. To engage people, you need to be present and active and post regularly. Take a cue from The Walt Disney Company:

Consistent posting builds your brand credibility and shows your dedication on LinkedIn. Thus, whether you plan to post thrice a week or once daily, you need to stick to the schedule. 

To incorporate a schedule that drives the best engagement, examine your competitors. As you have a similar audience base, their posting strategy will give you valuable insights to improve your own. 

2. Use text-based posts

Unlike other platforms, text-based posts drive better engagement on LinkedIn. Your posts on the platform should reflect the work you do. The format needs to be on-brand consistent throughout the profile.

While curating the content, ensure you use simple language. However, make it compelling enough for people to stop and read your post. Use catchy headlines. 

Your content should get straight to the point and end with a strong call to action. Add facts and statistics to support it.

Don’t forget to add relevant links on anchor texts to drive more traffic to your other posts. Using relevant emojis may also help break the monotony. But make sure it doesn’t make the post look tacky.

3. Build relationships beyond likes

People are on social media because they want to belong somewhere. They will take an interest in your brand only when they resonate with what you do. To build relationships beyond likes, you must have an extensive idea of your target audience. 

To understand what your viewers need, be prompt by asking for feedback and responding to them. Take action based on those suggestions.

It shows the audience that you care about their needs. Understanding your audience also allows you to create more personalized content.

Or like HubSpot, you can simply interact with your audience with topical questions, awareness-based content, or even ask for their general views.

4. Be a value add

Sharing fun content from time to time drives engagement. But your content needs to be more value-based to build sustainable audience interaction and a loyal follower base. 

Your aim here is to keep your viewers hooked with a solution-based approach. Your posts should be actionable, practical, and insightful.

When you offer solutions consistently, it leads your audience to rely on your LinkedIn profile. Insightful posts also show your brand’s expertise in the field and build credibility. 

You can use Keyhole to monitor your performance from a single dashboard.

5. Promote others 

Promoting other brands helps you reach a wider audience. Post listicles and include strong CTAs at the end. When you shed light on other brands, it incentivizes them to support you, too.

You can add your commentary to their existing post to make your post even more valuable. You can even interact with other accounts in a fun manner like The Marketing Millennials.

6. Participate in LinkedIn groups 

LinkedIn is a platform filled with professionals and experts. To pique their interest, your brand needs to showcase itself as the expert in its niche. There is no better way to do it than by participating in various LinkedIn groups. 

These groups will offer you a unique opportunity to connect with professionals who share common interests or backgrounds in your industry. You can learn from them and build brand awareness in a crowd that knows your niche. 

Find groups that include your target audience and show up regularly. Constantly network with members and show how you can add value. Ensure you share valuable content that appropriately represents your brand. 

7. Ask questions in your posts

Humans are curious beings. To engage your audience, you need to leverage that curiosity.

People are more likely to engage when your posts start with a question. Consider titling your post with a question. It prompts the viewers to read the post and find answers. 

Another strategy you can adopt is to set up a “pod” on LinkedIn. Invite your indirect competitors to collaborate with you. Agree to post and comment on each others’ posts weekly. Their followers will see your posts and engage with you too. This strategy will help you create a win-win situation. 

However, it is important to note that most people frown upon such practices. So, you must remember to add meaningful comments instead of only emojis or comments such as “agreed” and “good share.”

You can also ask questions and suggestions on your new products. It will give you insights into your customer’s expectations of your brand and improve holistically.

8. Publish native videos

Native videos are video clips you upload directly to LinkedIn. These videos have the prime opportunity to appear on wider feeds and allow more people to engage. 

Hence, native videos have better chances of performing than any external links you share. These are easily digestible and can convey brand information with less time and effort.

You can post native videos of 3 seconds to 10 minutes on LinkedIn just like HubSpot does. However, experts suggest that 90-second videos drive the best engagement. 

Pick up your LinkedIn engagement rate with Keyhole

Your LinkedIn profile represents your brand in front of the professionals in your industry. To ensure engagement, you need to put your best foot forward. 

A proper LinkedIn engagement strategy demands accuracy and efficiency. But manual methods are not sufficient in that endeavor. 

This is where you need an efficient social media analysis tool like Keyhole. Besides best-in-class analytical features, it shows you the top posts of the best-performing brands. This helps you benchmark your performance and improve your marketing strategy. 

Build a LinkedIn profile that drives engagement and builds greater brand visibility. Start your free trial with Keyhole today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase the engagement rate?

Some of the several ways you can adopt to increase engagement on your LinkedIn:
1. Make sure you are consistent with your posting
2. Collaborate with similar brands and be prompt with your responses
3. Focus on publishing native videos instead of external links
4. Curate solution-oriented content and catchy headlines
5. Constantly track your and your competitor's progress to set benchmarks

What is a good engagement rate on LinkedIn?

While there is no exact benchmark for a good engagement rate, anything between 1% to 3.5% can be considered good engagement on LinkedIn.

How do you get engagement on LinkedIn?

Use these tips to get engagement on LinkedIn:
1. Post often
2. Make your text-based posts scannable
3. Comment on other posts
4. Add visuals
5. Participate in trends
6. Engage your audience with questions and polls
7. Add external links in the comment section

Put an end to manual legwork once and for all.