Keyhole Releases Instagram Account Reporting Tool

Toronto, Ontario – June 7, 2016: Today, social media analytics company Keyhole announced the release of a new Instagram account reporting tool.

Keyhole's New Instagram Account Reporting Tool and Analytics Platform
Keyhole’s Instagram account reporting tool offers KPI tracking, such as follower growth and engagement rate.

Unlike many social metrics platforms, Keyhole built its new tool to let users monitor any public account instead of just their own.

“Brands and agencies depend on end-to-end analytics and reporting to measure progress and guide strategies. Allowing them to track Instagram competitors and role models also helps them set benchmarks to work towards,” says co-founder Saif Ajani.

“Customers were asking for this kind of Instagram tool to help measure social success – it was a natural fit for us given our existing strengths in social media analytics,” he adds.

The tool tracks metrics such as top posts, follower growth and engagement rate.

Based on this data, it gives optimization suggestions. These include the best times to post, as well as the most engaging filters and hashtags to use.

By monitoring top industry players, users can also determine ideal content types that resonate with followers in their niche.

Keyhole Instagram Reporting Tool and Analytics Platform - Optimization
Users can access optimization insights, such as the best time to post based on engagement rate.

“When it comes to account analytics, it’s not enough to give a basic overview of key metrics,” says Jesse Quist, head of growth. “Users need tangible tips to grow their presence and become better at optimizing engagement and growing reach.”

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Keyhole is an online platform that measures real-time and historical social media data, illustrating metrics in easy-to-read graphs and layouts to simplify analysis. As well as account reporting, users turn to Keyhole to track hashtags and keywords on Twitter and Instagram.


Marcus Guido
Content Marketing & Media Relations