What Instagram Stories Metrics Should I Track?

It’s exciting to roll out a flashy Instagram Stories strategy, but you won’t be able to track your success unless you track your Instagram Story analytics.

Luckily, it’s easy to track your Instagram Story analytics natively within the Instagram app, or with a social media analytics tool like Keyhole.

Where to Find your Instagram Story Analytics

To access your Instagram Story analytics, you’ll need a business account. If you’re not yet set up as a business, here’s how to switch your account over.

Once you’re set up as a business account, you can access your Instagram Story analytics in three places.

1. The Insights Button

Within the Instagram app, go to your Instagram profile and tap on the menu in the top-right corner. From there, select Insights.

From your Insights screen, tap the Content tab. This will give you Instagram Stories data from the past 14 days and Instagram post data from the last year.

2. Within Each Story

To see the stats of an individual Story, open a Story within the app and swipe up to see your Insights.

If your Story has already vanished, tap the Archive button (found in the top-left corner of your profile) to view your saved Stories. From there, you can once again swipe up on any Story to see your Insights.

3. Instagram Creator Studio

If you prefer accessing your Instagram analytics on desktop, you can check out the Facebook/Instagram Creator Studio.

Within the Creator Studio, access your analytics by selecting Content Library, then Stories. Here, you can see your overall metrics or look at individual Stories.

What Instagram Story Analytics are Available?

There are quite a few metrics available for Instagram Stories, broken down into Interactions and Discover metrics.

Interactions Metrics

Replies – How many people messaged you directly from your Story

Profile Visits – The number of times people tapped your profile after seeing your story

Discover Metrics

Accounts Reached – The number of individual accounts who watched your Story

Impressions – The total number of views for a Story, including multiple views by the same person

Follows – The number of accounts that followed you after seeing your Story

Navigation Back / Forward – The number of times people tapped to re-watch your Story or skip to your next Story

Next Story & Exits – The number of people who skipped through to the next account’s Story or swiped out of your Story.

These metrics are incredibly useful for evaluating which content is generating the most engagement.

How to Conveniently Track Instagram Stories Metrics

If you’re looking for an even easier way to track your Instagram Story analytics over time, check out Keyhole.

Keyhole conveniently displays all your Instagram Stories data in one dashboard alongside your other social media data, saving you from having to click through Instagram’s native tools.

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