How Do I Calculate Follower Growth Rate?

When tracking any social media metric, it’s best to think in terms of rates and percentages rather than raw numbers.

Rather than tracking the raw number of social media followers you’ve gained or lost, it’s much better to track your follower growth rate.

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What is Follower Growth Rate?
Why Should I Track Follower Growth Rate?
How to Calculate Follower Growth Rate

What is Follower Growth Rate?

Follower growth rate, expressed as a percentage growth, measures the speed at which your social media account is gaining (or losing) followers relative to your previous follower count.

For example, your monthly Instagram follower growth rate would be the percentage growth your follower count has seen since last month.

Why Should I Track Follower Growth Rate?

Tracking a raw increase in follower count doesn’t tell you as much about how quickly you’re gaining followers as your growth rate does.

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Follower growth rate serves as a better health check on the performance of your campaigns.

Tracking your follower growth rate can help you track your performance against your competitors. For example, you could have fewer followers due to having a newer account, but you could be gaining traction much faster than they are.

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How to Calculate Follower Growth Rate

Follower growth rate is calculated as the number of followers you gained divided by the number of followers you started, times 100% (over a specific time period).

The follower growth rate calculation is:

Follower Growth Rate = New Followers / Starting Follower Count x 100%

For example, if Company A starts with 1000 followers and gains 100 followers in a month, they’ve achieved a growth rate of 10%.

Contrast this with Company B that starts the month with 10,000 followers and gains 100. That’s a growth rate of only 1%.

Although both accounts gained the same raw number of followers, Company A’s is doing a much better job at attracting new followers—their growth rate was 10 times faster relative to their original size.

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