Twitter has more daily visitors than McDonalds Worldwide & 7 other Epic Twitter Statistics

Twitter is an indispensable tool for Marketers and Businesses looking to find qualified leads, and the stats below illustrate the incredible penetration this little blue bird reached! Here are 8 epic Twitter statistics that will change how you view, use, or think about Twitter.

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500M tweets everyday! #jawdropping So what does this mean for marketers? To me, this means our Twitter content needs to be focused & super targeted. Like if you agree! I can guarantee you that general tweets without focus and value WILL GET lost in the 500M tweets. Even 10 seconds tweeting such tweet is 10 seconds wasted. Don’t want to get lost in the 500M tweets? Make sure you’ve crafted your Target Demography’s persona, have a well defined strategy, and use kick-ass tools to filter out noise (hint: like Keyhole! :D) to help you navigate this massive online forum. What is your #1 tip for #Twittermarketers to standout from the crowd? Comment below and share your pro tip. Data by @netlivestats #twittermarketing #SMM #SocialMediaManager

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This is 9x the amount of Facebook status updates per day.


To put things in perspective, United States of America, the entire country is projected to have 331,026,400 people by 2018.


30% More people visit Twitter a day compared to the number of customers McDonalds serves worldwide.


Is this overpriced or justified? Comment below and like if you the price tag is crazy! Via @fastcompany

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This can buy you a brand new Porsche 911 Turbo.


Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India has 15.3M followers following Obama.


Is it ironic that another Social Media platform is the brand with the most followers on Twitter?


This is 10 to the 18th power or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 in numbers. #twitterstats #HashtagTracker A photo posted by Keyhole.Co ( on

This is because all new Twitter user IDs will exceed the threshold for 32-bit integers.


Impressive increase from the 35% in 2009! We came a long way.

That’s it folks. Are these stats crazy or what? Twitter had a tough journey, which makes its incredible presence today even more inspiring.

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