10 Emotional Moments Only Twitter Marketers Will Understand

If you’re a Social Media Manager or a Twitter Marketer, you’ll sympathize with this list!   Does checking your company Twitter at 11 p.m. on a Friday while your friends are chugging beer ring a bell? What about getting a heart attack when you spot a spelling mistake on one of the visuals, or when you missed out an important Influencer mentioning your brand at 3:40 a.m. because it was 2 p.m. in their timezone? We feel you.

We made a list of Twitter Marketer’s emotional moments with Gifs – enjoy and share if you agree!

1. When an Influencer RTs your Tweet – esp. if it’s a promotional tweet


Feels like you got an invite to a members-only party.

2.When the uglier version of the two tested Twitter Card has a lower CPA


Am I color-blind? #Confused

3. Every time you get an automated DM


Puh-leez. Stop it already.

4. Stalking Influencers to get on their radar


Can we be friends? Please?

5. When you crafted THE PERFECT tweet, three characters over the 140 cap


Why, oh, why?

6. Seeing your t.co conversion on Google Analytic shoot up. You feel like…


7. When you see an unending scroll of Mentions on your Tweetdeck, you feel like..


Yes, I’m popular and I know it.

8. When you tweet something important, and it gets hidden from the feed within seconds


Oh, Twittersphere. How talkative we all are.

9. When you accidentally tweet your personal tweet on your company Twitter profile

Twitter Marketer

This is when you need speed. #DeleteBeforeAnyoneSees

10. When your hashtag hits trending on Twitter, you be like:


Am I missing anything? Share if you can relate and tweet @keyholeco to contribute!


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