What is a Karen?

Karen is used to describe a stereotype of a demanding, entitled, and often confrontational middle-aged white woman. 

The term is typically used to describe someone who exhibits behavior perceived as entitled, self-centered, and prone to making unreasonable or excessive complaints or demands.

What is a Karen meme?

The Karen meme is a popular internet term referencing a specific type of middle-class white woman who exhibits privileged and problematic behavior.

The meme typically depicts a stereotype of a demanding, entitled, and socially oblivious middle-aged white woman who tends to make unreasonable complaints or demands.

How did Karen become popular on social media?

The term Karen became popular on social media as a meme a few years ago. While the exact origins are uncertain, it gained traction as a way for people, particularly black Americans, to satirize class-based and racially charged behavior. 

The popularity of the Karen meme grew as it evolved to reference various aspects such as a specific haircut, interactions with customer service, or instances of public racism. It became a widely recognized term to describe entitled or problematic behavior by certain individuals, particularly white women.

What is a male Karen called?

The male counterpart of a Karen is less commonly known but has been referred to as a Ken or a Chad in some cases. 

The term Ken is a play on the male name and has been used since at least 2020 to describe men who exhibit the same entitled or confrontational behavior as a Karen would.

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