What is BeReal?

BeReal is a social media app that aims to bring authenticity back to social media posts. It is designed to encourage users to share unfiltered and unprepared content. The app does not have features like filters or the ability to gain followers. 

BeReal prompts users to post one unfiltered photo per day and everyone is supposed to post at the same time. The app notifies users at a random time throughout the day to remind them to post.

When did BeReal come out?

BeReal was initially released in January 2020, but it gained widespread popularity in early 2022. The app was developed by Alexis Barreyat, a former employee of GoPro in Munich, Germany, and Kévin Perreau, a graduate from 42 in Paris. It first spread widely on college campuses and later gained millions of installations.

How does BeReal work?

The BeReal app allows users to create an account by providing their phone number, name, and age. After creating an account, users can then choose a username and password to use the app. Upon setting up their account, users are prompted to create their first BeReal post, which allows them to start seeing other users’ photos.

BeReal is known for promoting authenticity and time-limited photo sharing. The app encourages users to share just one photo per day, showcasing life “without filters”. This approach is different from other social media platforms that support highly curated and staged photos. Users are notified at a random time throughout the day when it’s time to share their daily posts.

To capture a BeReal photo, users can frame what’s in front of them on the viewfinder, make an expression, look at the selfie camera on their phone, and press the shutter. The app allows users to share glimpses of their daily lives with others, emphasizing genuine moments and experiences.

Is BeReal still popular?

BeReal is still popular. The app gained widespread popularity in 2022 and became the most downloaded mobile application for iPhone worldwide in September 2022. 

It had 25 million monthly active users in November 2023 and has been downloaded 100 million times since its launch. 

BeReal is particularly popular in the United States, followed by the United Kingdom and Germany. The app has attracted attention and has been described as Gen Z’s new favorite social media app.

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