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You're only as good as your Twitter Analytics tools.

Select the right Twitter Analytics tool to help achieve your campaign goals and fulfill your reporting needs. 

Track your Twitter marketing performance and export ready to share dashboards outlining important insights.

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Tracking Metrics That Matter

The right Twitter Analytics Tool will paint a picture of your marketing performance on Twitter.

We provide in-depth analytics on:

  • Retweets + Likes
  • Engagement
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Audience Analytics
  • … and more!
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Custom Reporting Capabilities

The most powerful Twitter analytics tools also offer custom reporting so you can share the results of your campaigns.


How Do You Measure Up?

Spy on your competitors or track your influencers’ Twitter accounts. We’ll help you benchmark how your account stacks up to others.

Competitive Analysis

We'll Get You Historical Data

Need to travel back in time and pull analytics from previously launched campaigns? Curious about hashtag trends over time?

We have your back with Historical Data reports.

Historical data for Twitter

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