Top 3 Iconosquare Alternatives

Many Instagram marketers turn to Iconosquare as a platform-specific analytics tool, but don’t have the budget to pay for each separate account they manage.

The tool tracks metrics such as audience growth while offering optimization suggestions, including the best times to post and which hashtags to use. But, because other tools offer the same features, you shouldn’t sweat it if your agency or business can’t afford Iconosquare for each Instagram account it handles.

Use one of these top three alternatives to guide your strategies instead:

1. Keyhole

Keyhole - Iconosquare Alternatives

Use Keyhole to track data from any public Instagram account, as well as metrics surrounding hashtags and keywords.

In terms of account analytics, the tool analyzes data such as follower growth and engagement to offer optimization insights. For example, it tells you the best filters and times to post to boost engagement. In terms of hashtag and keywords tracking, you can use the tool to generate real-time and historical metrics surrounding your search terms. These include reach, impressions, related phrases and activity levels. Keyhole also simplifies influencer marketing by identifying prominent users based on follower count and engagement rate.

Give Keyhole’s Instagram tracking a shot:

Price: Starts at $89 USD per month; advanced plans vary

2. Locowise

Locowise - Iconosquare Alternatives

Try Locowise if your goal is to optimize your current Instagram activities, attracting more followers and generating greater engagement. Unlike most analytics tools, it goes beyond profile analysis to look at data from competitors and countries you’re active in. By doing so, it offers information about how to improve your posting tactics based on industry best practices and target market activity. Locowise also has sentiment and audience demographic metrics.

Price: $120 – $400 USD per month

3. squarelovin

squarelovin - Iconosquare Alternatives

If you’re satisfied with basic analytics and need a free tool, squarelovin is a clear option. It displays follower growth charts alongside engagement information, including your top posts in terms of likes and comments. The tool also gives optimization tips with this information. For example, it shows the best filters to use. But keep in mind, squarelovin only tracks data from accounts you have full access to, not those of role models and competitors.

Price: Free

Final Thoughts About these Iconosquare Alternatives

These Instagram analytics tools differ in terms of price and capabilities, while offering many of Iconosquare’s features without having to pay per account.

By using this list of alternatives as a starting point, the research and decision processes should be easier.

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