Social MentionS

Social Mention Tracking in Real-Time

Monitor social mentions of your brand on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and news sites, blogs and forums.

Respond to all your social mentions to increase revenue and improve customer service, craft a better product and get closer to your customers.

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Social Mention Tracking For Public Relations

When you track Social Mentions, you can:

  • Manage your brand reputation effectively
  • Stop a crisis before it goes viral

[Your PR team will use it, your Legal team will love your PR team for using it.]

Sentiment analysis

Social Mention Tracking For Customer Service

Get closer to your customers.

  1. Find customers who talk to you on Social Media
  2. Reply to them (who likes to be ignored?)
  3. Generate more revenue
  4. Generate word-of-mouth by being close to your customers so they share their experience with others
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Track Your Mentions Now

To Generate Revenue

Listen to your competition and their prospects to generate more revenue.

  1. Track mentions of your competitors
  2. See who’s talking to them and what they’re asking for
  3. Jump into the conversation
  4. Add value and be genuine
  5. Get their prospects to try your product
  6. Make the sale and keep them happy
Competitive Analysis

For Product/Content Development

What if you knew exactly what your customers wanted?

By monitoring social mentions, you will:

  • Get direct feedback on your product or service
  • Catch up on trending topics
  • Build a service closer to your customers’ needs
  • Be able to ask them what they want you to create (and they will feel heard)
Trending Topics

To Identify Brand Advocates

Who are the most influential advocates of your brand? There might be millions!

Connect with your influencers and brand advocates, gain insights from them and create influencer marketing campaigns.
After all, they already talk about you.

Find new influencers
Put an end to manual legwork once and for all.