What does Delulu mean?

The term “delulu” is a slang abbreviation of the word “delusional”. It is often used to describe individuals who display odd or extreme behaviour, particularly superfans or dating partners. 

Delulu also describes someone who holds unrealistic or overly idealistic beliefs or fantasies. It can even refer to those with an unhealthy obsession with a celebrity or crush. 

How to pronounce Delulu?

To pronounce “delulu,” you can follow the phonetic spelling as “dih-loo-loo”.

How did Delulu originate?

Delulu originated as a slang term in the K-pop fan community in 2014 to describe delusional fan behaviour, such as believing that one will eventually end up with one’s favourite celebrity idol. 

The term became famous in 2022 through social media platforms such as TikTok.

How to use Delulu in social media?

When using the term “delulu” in social media, it’s important to consider the context and audience. Here are some guidelines on how to use the term effectively:

  • Understand the meaning: Make sure you are familiar with the meaning and usage of “delulu” before using it. It is often used to describe unrealistic or overly idealistic beliefs or fantasies.
  • Appropriateness: Consider the appropriateness of using the term in a specific context. It is commonly used in online communities, particularly fan communities or celebrity culture discussions. However, be mindful of how others may receive the term.
  • Tone: Use the term with a light-hearted and playful tone. “Delulu” is often used jokingly or sarcastically. Avoid using it in a derogatory way or to insult others.
  • Hashtags and captions: When posting content related to unrealistic expectations or fandom culture, you can include the term “delulu” as a hashtag or in captions. This helps convey the post’s theme or topic and connect with others who understand and use the term.
  • Engage in positive discussions: Use “delulu” to promote positive and respectful discussions. It can be used to acknowledge and comment on unrealistic beliefs or fan theories without belittling others.

What is Delulu and Solulu?

Delulu and Solulu are terms used by Gen Z in the context of being unrealistic or overly idealistic in various aspects of life. 

“Delulu”, which stands for “delusional”, was initially considered an insult. But Gen Z has redefined it to represent a positive and hopeful mindset. It refers to having unrealistic or idealistic beliefs or aspirations.

On the other hand, “solulu” represents “solution.” Gen Z coined it to counter the negative connotations of being “delulu.” It alludes to finding creative or alternative solutions to challenges and embracing a positive outlook.

These terms seem to stem from social media platforms, and their meanings may vary based on the specific online community or subculture using them. Slang terms like these can be temporary and subject to changes in usage over time.

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