Creating Social Media Reports is Painful.
Take Spreadsheets
Off Your To-Do List.

Keyhole automates your social media reports so you’re spending your evenings with friends, not spreadsheets.


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Keyhole lets you

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All your social media reports on time, every time!

Brand Reporting

Track and aggregate your brand’s metrics across all social media channels.

Campaign Reporting

Monitor your campaigns & measure all metrics in real-time.

Hashtag Reporting

Understand how your hashtags are performing using accurate data.

Influencer Reporting

Track & compare posts by influencers using a sharable dashboard.

Save time & simplify your reporting process using a beautiful, shareable dashboard

Relying on multiple teams to gather & aggregate social media data for all owned accounts?

Keyhole creates a live dashboard that you can share with your team & clients. Deliver the latest reports in seconds, whenever your boss or a client asks.

Grow your engagement
“Keyhole is definitely an advantage to save time. Before we would collect data from each social account or influencer separately and it would take ages. It was in excel files, and as you can imagine everyone has their own way of managing this data. It would be one big mess, whereas now, everything is there.
Research & Insight Executive at SportQuake
Oliwia Newton
Research & Insights Executive, SportQuake

No more manual data entry.
Keyhole lets you report across all social media platforms with no copy-pasting.

Benchmark against competitors & understand what works for them

Keep an eye on your competitors’ campaigns, influencers, and content strategies.

Use social media metrics to identify their strengths and weaknesses (i.e. your opportunities) and how you can use the same to stay ahead of them.

Competitive Analysis
"On the US Open channels, we had a 700% year-over-year increase in interactions and video views across the big 5. And our USTA social media channels did the most interactions and video views, an increase of over 1,200% year-over-year when compared to the other 3 governing bodies associated with a Grand Slam."
Qianna Smith-Bruneteau
Qianna Smith-Brunneteau
Director of Social Media & Strategy, US Open, USTA
Compare influencers

Report on your influencer campaigns & say goodbye to spreadsheets & screenshots

Wasting your time finding & measuring your influencers’ posts manually?

Allow influencers to authenticate their profiles on Keyhole and get immediate access to all relevant data in real-time.

Our customers love us!

How Micro Focus Finetuned their Marketing Strategy with Keyhole 360 Surveillance

One of the world’s largest enterprise software providers switched to Keyhole to achieve multi-disciplinary control over their social media marketing ventures.

How BibRave tracks multiple ambassadors of branded campaigns

A US-based marketing agency replaced its manual reporting process using Keyhole & tracked conversations using real-time data.

Kenya-based marketing agency doubled customer base by automating campaign reporting

Twiva saved hours of manual work by automating their clients’ influencer campaign tracking. It helped them scale up rapidly and onboard more clients.

So easy to use, you don’t need to be a data geek!

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