Access full archive of Old Twitter and Instagram Posts

Keyhole enables you to find and analyze old posts to inform clients and strategize for future campaigns

Capture social media analytics since Twitter’s inception
Don’t worry if you forgot to track campaign metrics - use Keyhole to recover historical data from Instagram, along with any data dating back to the first tweet in 2006. Whereas Enterprise Plans come with 30 days’ worth of historical data, it’s a separate service for the lower plans.
Enjoy unbeatably-quick data delivery
Keyhole delivers your historical data reports within one business day. They include all the numbers you need - total posts, users and impressions, along with a collection of influence and demographic data.
Share your insights through an online dashboard and downloadable files
Emphasize the “social” in social media by sharing your historical data with team members. You can send Keyhole’s dashboard to your colleagues or embed its graphs and tables on your website. PDF and Excel reports are also downloadable and printable.
"I use Keyhole because it shows at a glance where terms important to my clients are moving directionally and at what scale. Keyhole has been a vital everyday tool for daily- and project-based reporting."
Amy Chase
Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing for Walt & Company
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