Social Media Monitoring


Social Media Brand Monitoring

As a small brand, it’s hard to put time into social media strategy
and brand monitoring. So we do it for you.

Turn your small brand into a big one.

BrandIQ acts like a personal social media strategist and also captures all mentions
of your brands across the web, helping you act on every opportunity for growth.

We’ve combined social listening with media monitoring to give you all mentions of your brand in a single inbox.

Brand Mentions

Understand your audience at a glance, so that you can better cater your content to them.

People mentioning your brand

Lead the competition. Gain full access into how competitor social profiles are performing, their top content, mentions, wins and losses.

Learn from your competitors

Grow the engagement on your social media accounts using data.

Most Engaging Post Time

More Features

Sentiment Analysis

Understand the sentiment behind every post mentioning your brand, and compare brand sentiment scores.

Follower Growth

See when you are losing and gaining followers over time, and understand the triggers driving your following.

Top Posts

See top posts from you and your competitors and understand the content leading the conversation.

Competitor Analysis

Gain full access into how competitor accounts and brands are performing online.

Compare Brands

Overlay brand data for two or more brands to see how your brand stacks up.

Get Inspired

Stuck with what to do next? Explore what other brands are doing and what's working for them for quick inspiration.

The BrandIQ product is built specifically to monitor brands online. It collects brand mentions of your brand name, and tracks the brand’s social media accounts to see how they perform over time. 

The Advanced Analytics Suite is built as a flexible product that caters to campaign tracking, event monitoring, influencer management, and market research as well as advanced brand monitoring. 

The suite is a much more granular product, designed for advanced filtering, in-depth sentiment analysis and machine-learning-driven trends analysis. 

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