How to Run an Instagram Influencer Campaign [with downloadable templates]

In one our previous articles, we explained Why Influencer Marketing with Social Media Celebrities is the Hottest Trend in luxury Fashion Marketing. Indeed, Instagram campaigns are very influential, not just in the fashion industry, but across all industries.

Since you have already been introduced to these campaigns and are convinced by their powerful results, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you launch your own successful Instagram Influencer Campaign.

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Amplify Events

Events today are inseparable from social media. Social Media is Event Marketer’s BFF.

There’s a reason for this. 2 billion users possess active social media accounts today. Social Media is heavily used for self-promotion, and what is a better occasion for selfies and show-off posts than a Live Event?

If you’re an event marketer, social media marketing is a must. But before scurrying for the best event hashtag, remember to plan prior to the event, and identify your business goals and map out where your audience is on social media.

The Only Twitter Chat Guide You Need to Read

While a Twitter chat is simply a Q&A discussion on Twitter in real-time, it is also an opportunity to share another side of your brand. Every day, your audience comes in contact with your brand in a very direct and straight-forward way. This chat however, can be an opportunity for everyone to relax and unwind, allow their personalities to come forward, and gives your audience the stage and the microphone. Scheduling this chat during a time where your audience is the least distracted (i.e, evenings) is best.

Top 10 Instagram Marketing Campaigns in 2015

With ever-growing technological advances, we are now able to easily reach anyone in the world instantly. Under such influences, Instagram marketing campaigns have created powerfully lasting results. Last year, one of the most successful campaign is undoubtedly hosted by GoPro, which increased their average engagement on Instagram per post throughout the year of 2014 grew by 57%.

10 Best Instagram Uses for B2B Companies

B2C companies are all experiencing success on Instagram, but the majority of B2B firms still have minimal or close to no engagement. Many B2B brands are hesitant to dive into the world of Instagram as it seems less professional than Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

But remember, people do business with people, not with other businesses. Through Instagram, you can advocate your company’s core values, and establish a long term connection with your consumer base.

Why Influencer Marketing with Social Media Celebrities is the Hottest Trend in Luxury Fashion Marketing

To make sense of the shift from traditional advertising to influencer marketing in the fashion industry, we must understand the psychology behind consumer behaviours.

Instead of following suit with traditional advertising techniques, many fashion brands are adopting novel ways of collaborating with influencers to expand brand recognition and promote sales.