Introducing QuickTrends- Instant Competitor Research & Twitter Insights

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QuickTrends in 54 seconds:

Why QuickTrends

Use this tool to get instant Twitter insights of hashtags, keywords, and phrases. It will show you the number of conversations happening on Twitter within any given timeframe.

Instant Twitter Overview Sample - QuickTrends - social media insights twitter analytics


Run high-level competitor research. Here, we compare #coke with #pepsi to see how many conversations are happening around each. See how you stack up against competitors on social!

Competitor Research Sample - QuickTrends - social media insights twitter analytics


Market research. Search any terms to see which is most mentioned on Twitter. Here, we compare Vanilla Coke to Cherry Coke to see which one is most discussed- as you can see Cherry Coke is winning by a lot!

Market Research Sample - QuickTrends - social media insights twitter analytics


Find out what’s most popular on Twitter. Coke or Coca-Cola? Audi or BMW? Donald or Hilary?

Twitter Popularity Sample - QuickTrends - social media insights twitter analytics



How to Use QuickTrends

  1. You can use QuickTrends by accessing the left-hand navigation bar on your dashboard.

Keyhole Dashboard- QuickTrends - social media insights twitter analytics


2. Enter the hashtag, keyword or phrase you’d like to search.

Enter Term Dashboard - Quick Trends


3. Add multiple search terms to do competitor research, market research, or to understand how the popularity and usage of two or more terms compare on Twitter.

Dashboard Display- Competitor - quicktrends-coca-pepsi


4. You can change the time frame you are looking at, even going back several years.

QuickTrends Dashboard - Keyhole - Timeframe


5. As always, customers can also share, embed or download the chart.

QuickTrends Dashboard share embed


6. All data will be saved under Recent Searches so you can access it anytime!

Recent Searches QuickTrends Keyhole Dashboard


We hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think!

Introducing Follower Insights for Instagram


Instagram is consistently lauded as the top destination for discovering new and exciting content. But it when it comes to gaining meaningful insight into the why of successful, viral posts, many users may sometimes feel lost in the shuffle (or is that swipe?)

But fear not! We’re exciting to announce a new feature for Instagram called Follower Insights.

Available now.

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We’re Matching Donations of up to $5,000 to the ACLU

At Keyhole, we know that diversity is our strength — it is reflected in both our amazing team, and the country we proudly call home. That is why our co-founders Saif Ajani and Minaz Abdulla are committed to matching donations of up to $5,000 to the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU is a non-profit organization committed “to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

Join us in standing up for what is right. 🇨🇦 🇺🇸

Read more in BetaKit.

#Inauguration vs #WomensMarch — The Numbers

A lot of attention has been paid to both #InaugurationDay and #WomensMarch recently. The images on Twitter comparing the two events have been stark, to say the least.

The POTUS (the new one) and his team, however, have been adamant that this is an issue of the media not reporting the truth. We at Keyhole have decided to collect some data of our own to compare the two events. In particular, we decided to use our platform’s hashtag analytics tools to compare the usage of #Inauguration-related posts vs #WomensMarch, along with the users behind them.

To be fair, we also looked at the data for both terms on the day of the event and one day after. So #Inauguration was analyzed on Jan 20-21, 2017, and #WomensMarch was analyzed on Jan 21-22, 2017.

Comparing the Numbers

Let’s take a look at real Twitter data for the two hashtags.

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7 Holiday Ads That Dominated Social Media [2016 Edition]

We may know it as the season to be jolly, but for advertisers the holidays are a time of cutthroat competition.

Blockbuster-quality seasonal ads are part of a longstanding tradition, with many companies investing millions of dollars each year (just look at retailer John Lewis, who spent $8.7m on their 2015 slot alone). Ultimately, they know it’s a smart investment: the National Retail Federation predicts this year’s holiday spending to exceed $650 billion in the US alone, and the right ad can be key to directing those funds your way.

2016 saw an impressive number of holiday ads go viral, with contributions coming from seasoned veterans (we’re looking at you, John Lewis) and newcomers (well-played, Allegro) alike.  To see how this year’s ads stacked up, we used Keyhole to dig into what the people of Twitter have to say. Instead of focusing on view count, we decided to rank the Top 7 ads based on social buzz (and we’re glad we did – take a look at #4!)

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Influencer Marketing 101 – How to Find the Right Influencers

Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing where the focus is placed on key individuals who can influence the buying decisions of the target market. 

A 2010 study by the McKinsey Quarterly team found that “
marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising.” This positive impact seems to be lasting – the same study found that customers acquired through word-of-mouth had a 37 percent higher retention rate.

Although this study focused on word-of-mouth marketing, there are many parallels between influencer marketing and word of mouth. Your brand’s advocates review and promote the products or services you offer, which becomes a form of a direct recommendation.

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#Instagood: How Your Business Can Get Ahead on Instagram

There is one universal language that people from all over the world can understand.

No, it’s not English. And no, don’t get cheesy — it’s not love either. What we’re talking about here is not the language that you hear or speak, but the language you see and interpret emotionally: The language of pictures and images.

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The Top 15 Instagram Analytics Tools [+ Metrics that Matter]

Despite launching a built-in tool, many social media marketers don’t want to create business accounts to access Instagram’s analytics platform.

What’s more, the market is filled with alternatives that offer similar capabilities and data points. In many cases, third-party tools offer features that Instagram’s platform doesn’t. This includes the ability to pull data from competitor profiles.

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