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The Social Media Policy Template [+ Download & 5 Examples]

Social media can be a persistent workplace distraction, hindering productivity as employees easily access networks through both desktops and mobile devices.

Worse still, people — regardless of social savvy — can make mistakes that potentially hurt company reputation. Take Domino’s Pizza as an example. Cooks filmed themselves tampering with ingredients and shared the video.

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The Top 25 Social Media Monitoring Tools

Finding and tracking conversations on social media was once a hurdle for digital marketers. Now, with a range of tools available, the challenge is finding the ideal one.

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How to Develop a Hands-On Social Media Approach [Keri Jaehnig Interview]

After more than 14 years in international education, Keri Jaehnig took her passions for communication and relationship building to the digital sphere.

The CMO and founder of Idea Girl Media in Ohio, she’s launched social media campaigns ranging from local to international levels. While Business Insider has quoted her, Forbes and Search Engine People feature her work.

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The 10 Best Fashion & Apparel Hashtags on Instagram [+ Take-Away Lessons]

Studying popular fashion hashtags can help retail and apparel companies strengthen their social strategies, whereas bloggers can use them to gain visibility.

That’s because posting with a fashion brand hashtag on Instagram can earn thousands of potential impressions, according to data collected between April 25 and May 1, 2016:

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How to Stand Out on Social Media in the Digital Business Age [Mark Fidelman Interview]

As brands and companies turn to social media to engage prospects while differentiating themselves, many marketers pick up Socialized!

Some call Mark Fidelman’s guide the “playbook” for social business.

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How Social Media Marketing World 2016 (#SMMW16) Earned Almost A Billion Twitter Impressions In 3 Days

Engaging attendees on social media is a measure of an event’s success, even though planners and marketers typically face challenges when encouraging online action.

Social Media Marketing World 2016 is a case study on how to use Twitter to spur online activity from guests, as well as speakers and promoters.

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Twitter’s 10 Strongest Sports Team Hashtags [+ Lessons to Learn from Them]

Log onto Twitter during a game and you’ll likely see a sports team’s hashtag trending.

Although some are more popular than others, it’s not always because a team has a large following.

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5 Solid Tips for Generating Sales with Instagram

Instagram’s announcement about reaching 400 million users was a wake-up call for many of the social platform’s users, especially those who discredited the business potential of the network.

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5 of the Best Small & Medium Business Twitter Accounts: A Look at Their Tactics & Analytics

Is your company pushing for rapid Twitter growth?

It’s what many small and medium businesses look to do when using social media to help level the competition against big rivals.

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15 Ways to Grow Your Business through Social Listening [+ 3 Tools!]

If social listening isn’t clearly benefiting your business, it could mean your approach has holes.

By monitoring URLs, keywords and hashtags – either manually or with a tracking tool – you can collect information about prospects, competitors and your industry at large to inform sales and marketing efforts. You’ll also open opportunities to directly interact with audience members.

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