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How #CMWorld Tweets Reached More than 45 Million Users in 4 Days

Encouraging attendee activity on social media is typically is a measure of an event’s success, but it can be difficult to ensure guests log on and post.

Content Marketing World 2016 exemplifies how to encourage Twitter activity from guests, speakers and influencers.

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How to Grow Your Following Using Trending Twitter Hashtags

Twitter’s trends list catches the eyes of most users, making many social media marketers think: “How can I use these trending hashtags to my advantage?”

They generally require fast action, but there are audience-building strategies you can use when new or relevant trends pop up.

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75 Ways to Use Twitter for Business

Companies that aren’t seeing results on Twitter — or are new and struggling with the platform — shouldn’t give up on it. Instead, they may need to focus more on business-oriented Twitter uses.

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The 10 Best Fashion & Apparel Hashtags on Instagram [+ Take-Away Lessons]

Studying popular fashion hashtags can help retail and apparel companies strengthen their social strategies, whereas bloggers can use them to gain visibility.

That’s because posting with a fashion brand hashtag on Instagram can earn thousands of potential impressions, according to data collected between April 25 and May 1, 2016:

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How Social Media Marketing World 2016 (#SMMW16) Earned Almost A Billion Twitter Impressions In 3 Days

Engaging attendees on social media is a measure of an event’s success, even though planners and marketers typically face challenges when encouraging online action.

Social Media Marketing World 2016 is a case study on how to use Twitter to spur online activity from guests, as well as speakers and promoters.

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Twitter’s 10 Strongest Sports Team Hashtags [+ Lessons to Learn from Them]

Log onto Twitter during a game and you’ll likely see a sports team’s hashtag trending.

Although some are more popular than others, it’s not always because a team has a large following.

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10 Brutal Trend & Campaign Hashtag Fails by Big Brands [+ Lessons to Learn from Them]

Many marketers and community managers shape their social media tactics by looking at case studies of successful strategies.

But isn’t learning what not to do just as beneficial? John Dewey, an American philosopher and educational reformer, taught that learning from mistakes and successes were equally important.

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When TV and Social Meet: How 3 Companies Successfully Used Hashtags in Commercials

Hashtags don’t just belong on social media.

It’s not strange to see a commercial use a hashtag to stir conversation on Twitter and Instagram. Whether on TV or websites, brands in different industries are sharing their tagged topics to drive social media engagement.

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How to Use Hashtag Tracking to Optimize Your Social Listening Strategy [+ Tools and Examples!]

When many marketers and community managers think of social listening, scouring through sets of posts, tweets and messages comes to mind.

But being left with a small relevant dataset is common, even though the process involves keyword research to target what your audience is saying about your brand and competitors.

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120 Social Media Post and Content Ideas

As social media marketers work to build a following, one of the biggest challenges is coming up with fresh content ideas that can engage audiences.

Resorting to the same types of posts over and over again can bore followers. This can lead to fewer likes, shares, comments and clicks on links you share.

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