How Public Relations Firm Sitrick and Company Monitors Client Reputation with Keyhole

Sitrick and Company have built and maintained a reputation as one of the best strategic and crisis communications firms in North America.

They trust Keyhole to monitor their clients’s perception on social media in real-time.

Founded in 1989 by Michael Sitrick, the firm boasts over 1,000 clients and have established themselves as “THE firm to hire if you are facing the perfect PR storm.” With experience as lead communications ranging from CEO’s, celebrities, to the estate of Michael Jackson, Sitrick and Company are a true authority in the crisis communications space.

Brian Gicklich, Sitrick and Company’s chairman of digital practice, knows a thing or two about maintaining a reputation amid scandal online. Having built and implemented social listening dashboards and frameworks for established American broadcasters in a previous life, Mr. Gicklich is acutely aware of the social fog public facing professionals navigate through in their career — especially when things are going south.

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The Challenge

  • As a top PR firm, Sitrick’s clients expect carefully measured, contextualized social media activity
  • Discover where the most prominent sentiment around Sitrick’s clients originate, and capture this in real-time


  • How do we sort out fact from fiction to make business decisions?
  • Where are the most influential perceptions about our clients originating?

“Keyhole is better than anybody in the Twitter ecosystem, and the product is getting better at Instagram, which is extremely helpful.”

Brian Gicklich

Chairman of Digital Practice, Sitrick and Company

How Keyhole Helps

Alerts notify Sitrick’s clients when the message sticks

A noted challenge is being able to disseminate what messages on social are positive and negative, how they affect overall perception of Sitrick’s clients, and many other factors that all build into the business of reuptation management.

Keyhole’s alerts feature allows Gicklich’s PR team to immediately see messages, both positive and negative, tied to their clients, to inform their communications strategy going forward — a crucial element within any public relations operation. By including relevant elements of a story within alerts, Sitrick and Company use Keyhole to stay informed about all chatter surrounding their clients in real-time.

“Keyhole is easier to generate the kinds of reporting we need than the other tools are, and you’re frankly more accurate. I run Meltwater searches on the same terms as with Keyhole, and you consistiently turn up more accurate activity than they do.”

Brian Gicklich

Chairman of Digital Practice, Sitrick and Company

Reports from Keyhole keep Sitrick’s clients up-to-date, and help draw trendlines over time.

Using Reports generated from Keyhole Tracker dashboard, as well as custom reports infused with data from Keyhole’s API (available on our Corporate plan) Sitrick and Company keep their clients informed about surrounding social chatter on important days — say, when their client releases a statement to the public or appears on television.

By monitoring the social world, Mr. Gicklich is able to maintain a bird’s eye view of his client’s reputation, and is able to frame an informed, strategic response for his clients in a manner that is aware of the public perception, and highly targetted to help succeed and move on.

Top communications firms incorporate social from the ground up.

Sitrick and Company understand the value of protecting the message on social, but it’s just one piece of the crisis management puzzle.

Tracking sentiment, the origin of negative messages on social media, and subjects related to one’s business are all areas of modern, social powered PR Sitrick and Company are able to accomplish with Keyhole.


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