Ensuring Event-based Social Success with Samsung and Keyhole

As the second largest technology company by revenue, Samsung Electronics employs marketing teams around the world to promote new products. To ensure their messaging is delivered to respective markets in effective, unique ways, they trust Keyhole.

Incorporating influencer marketing has long been an effective way to algin brands with budding artists, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and their audience — and it’s a strategy employed in amazing, innovative ways throughout the world.

Beginning in 2015, Samsung began to experiement with marketing events that would combine the local communities art and culture creators with its line of Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Of course, taking place in the highly connected city of Lagos, Nigeria means ensuring the conversation and buzz surrounding the promotion and execution of these tech-based events is captured.

“For my work, social is essential. We simply can’t do without it,” says Olugbenga Awomodu, Samsung West Africa’s marketing manager.

The Challenge

  • Capture the conversation of upcoming events surrounding the release of new Samsung prodcuts
  • Monitor and gauge the ROI of event marketing using social media listening tools and hashtag analytics


  • How do we ensure all data is captured?
  • How can we present this data after events to global marketing executives?

“After researching a solution for some time, we eventually stumbled upon Keyhole.

I tested for some time and thought, ‘I could actually track local hashtags as well!’ I did the research online, I tested Keyhole for a while then recommended we do a full year subscription with our team.”

Olugbenga Awomodu

Marketing Manager at Samsung, West Africa

How Keyhole Helps

Mr. Awomodu and his marketing team came up with #TechMeetsArtNG, a Samsung event in collaboration with Rele Gallery in Lagos.

According to their press release, “The Exhibition features two prominent Photographers (Kelechi Amadi-Obi and Ade Okelarin [Asiko]) collaborating with three of Nigeria’s leading Chefs (Tiyan Alile, Ozoz Sokoh [Kitchen ButterFly] & Dunni Obata [Dooney’s Kitchen]). Collectively, they will explore artistic presentation of local food.

The coming together of these creative worlds will be brought to life with the help of interactive and exciting cutting-edge technology and we want to take you along the journey!”

As part of #TechMeetsArtNG, a competiton was set up so that budding cooks and artists could take photos of visually-stunning meals, for the chance to win a Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone, as well as a Feature in the Food Art Exhibition at the Rele Gallery.


Keyhole’s alerts feature allows Samsung’s marketing team to immediately and actively follow along with the conversation and event surrounding #TechMeetsArtNG.

Using Posts in their Keyhole Dashboard, Samsung’s marketing team were able to field the results of their marketing campaign, contact their guests, and organize an event — all through social media.

The event generated over 200 million impressions across the world, with plenty of traction in the local media. The winners even went on to do work with local brands and companies, continuing their art and food passion.

“Globally, Samsung was using Sprinklr… but there were some glitches over time, which is why I started searching for more tools to use.”

Olugbenga Awomodu

Marketing Manager at Samsung, West Africa

Inspire your audience. They’ll inspire you back.

Samsung Electronics Co. understands the value of empowering their social audience, inspiring them to create and share their vision.

Tracking an event and content in the run up to the release of their flagship Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets made #TechMeetsArtNG a smash for Samsung in its highly competitve West African market.

They trust Keyhole to engage with audiences that want to express with and be inspired by their brand.

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