Ensuring Success with Soapbox Strategists and Keyhole

Soapbox Strategists is a digital media agency that helps clients capture hearts (and dollars) in the online world.

They use Keyhole to monitor all social media posts.


Soapbox was contacted by Waterworks to charge up their social media strategy, carving out a distinct identity and voice for the brand. This included designing a content program (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) that reflects its premier status, and that has resulted in an approximately 500% increase in Instagram follower acquisition.

To support and promote the content, we’ve created an ongoing Instagram advertising campaign, targeting interior design enthusiasts, that grew total Instagram engagements from 6,503 to 86,743 in its first 6 months.


“Keyhole definitely gives us insight back to our larger social strategy that makes us successful… We’re always trying to get into the right spaces, and get more insights.”

Catherine Cantave

Co-founder, Soapbox Strategists

Understanding the converstion with Keyhole

Using the Keyhole Dashboard allowed Soapbox to monitor Waterworks’s social accounts, relaying what related topics its audience was interested in to ensure meaningful contribution with each post. This caused an exponential bump in their Instagram and Twitter following, making for an incredibly successful partnership.

By capturing content surrounding branded hashtags, Soapbox Strategists were able to drive conversions, and help produce a successful digital marketing strategy with finesse.

See your content shine.

Soapbox Strategists use Keyhole to monitor and track all hashtags and keywords associated with their agency’s work, to ensure its clients know exactly what they’re doing for their brand.

By capturing the data produced from their content, Soapbox is able to track conversions and drive the value of their work like never before.

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