How NBC Universal Use Keyhole to Monitor the Social Web for Potential Threats

NBCUniversal is an American multinational media conglomerate, operating organizations like NBC Sports Group, NBC Broadcasting and four Universal Studios amusement parks around the world.

Their Incident Response team trusts Keyhole to keep them informed about potential security breaches.

“We use Keyhole daily to give surveillance reports.”

Keith Levesque

Threat Intelligence Analyst, NBCUniversal

The Challenge

  • Monitor the social web for breaches to NBCUniversal’s extensive employee list’s internet properties, including login information
  • Track point of origin for online activity that stands to damage NBCUniversal’s infrastructure or reputation


  • How can we monitor any Internet-based threats?
  • How do we track terms related to hacking groups that have targetted us in the past?

“One of the hashtags we were monitoring was folowing a threat actor claiming to have hacked an NBC journalist’s email, which caused us to investigate immediately.

Keyhole helps our team tremendously. We can report any and all incidents to our executives, so our reports reach them, before they hear it from someone else.”

Keith Levesque

Information security team, incident response team, NBCUniversal

Use Keyhole to safeguard online properties

By automatically deploying reports generated from the Keyhole Tracker dashboard, as well as creating and sharing internal custom reports containing data from Keyhole’s API, NBCUniversal have an extensive overview of the online conversation — and how it pertains to their web properties, ensuring a safe, stable online experience for both its audience and its employees.

By monitoring the social world for spikes in activity, the Threat Intelligence team at NBCUniversal is able to maintain a grasp on any potential security breaches, so that their information is safeguarded.

Keyhole Alerts are used extensively to report any spike in activity around relevant topics — all in real-time.

Know at the speed of tweets.

NBCUniversal trusts Keyhole to help report on any social media activity related to the security of their thousand-plus tech properties.

By keeping a handle on activity surrounding key topics that may indicate a breach in security, or that someone has access to NBC property they shouldn’t, Keith and his team are committed to a reliable future for NBCUniversal.

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