How Billboard Uses Social Data To Boost The Hot 100 Festival

Campaigns in four months

New Influencers Engaged for the Hot 100 Festival

Monthly generated social media reports

Weekly visits to Keyhole

“Keyhole is a one stop shop to quickly pull cross-platform mentions of our brand for high-level reporting. During weekly festival status meetings, I can easily communicate to the team which artists have engaged with our festival hashtag and promoted ticket sales.”


Associate Director, Social Media, Billboard

The Challenge

When Billboard was planning its first ever Hot 100 Music Festival, the internal team needed help with their social media strategy. It was more important than ever to identify key influencers and a social measurement of success.


  • How much fan engagement are we receiving?
  • Who are the most influential festival performers on social media?
  • How should we allocate our social media spend to boost ticket sales?
  • How can we track conversations about our music festival, and address customer inquiries in real-time?

“We needed to not only track our success as a brand, but also the impact of our social influencer partnerships.”


Associate Director, Social Media, Billboard

How Keyhole Helps

Using Social to Track Marketing KPIs

With Keyhole, Stephanie and Katherine can easily track real-time data and post engagement. This allows them to choose event partners strategically and measure success metrics, such as the reach and engagement, of their digital campaigns and events.



  • Follower growth before and after influencers are engaged
  • Type of content fans love
  • Fans’ reactions and sentiment to the posts
  • Who to partner with to drive most fan engagement for Billboard

“We measured the buzz our headliners were creating. We were able to quantify the success of those social conversations using our Keyhole #Hot100Fest tracker.”


Associate Director, Analytics, Billboard

2. Capturing Buzz in Real-Time

Stepping into work every morning, social chatter around trending artists is on the social media team’s radar. Using Keyhole’s alert feature, Billboard can find out who’s mentioning them on social media. The ability to get real-time alerts and insights on these social conversations provides immediate value.

“I can see right away the most influential posts and the top artists if I want to build on the buzz. During live-streams, Keyhole allows us to track who is joining the conversation in real-time. We were able to use social metrics from our honorees and fans to inform our social strategies.”


Associate Director, Social Media, Billboard

3. Easy Reporting to Show Your Impact

Katherine needs to provide high-level reports to business partners and executives. Using Keyhole, she can pull together meaningful metrics with just a few clicks.

“When sharing post-campaign metrics with the executive team and client partners, I can easily track the success of our marketing efforts with hard numbers, ‘we touched this many people, this is how much engagement we drove’, thanks to Keyhole.”


Associate Director, Analytics, Billboard

Event Sponsors Love It!

For the 2016 Billboard Women in Music Awards, the social team tweeted video clips from the event post-broadcast, and successfully garnered engagement from an extended millennial audience who might not have tuned in on traditional TV.

Event sponsors loved it as they were targeting the millennial audience specifically.

In Stephanie’s words, “the ease of Keyhole is extremely valuable to social media managers.”

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