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Simple Search

Find trending stories early

Enter your keywords into a single search box to get started. It's as easy as Google!

An 'Advanced' page is also available if you want to be more specific.
Beautiful Dashboard

Identify popular topics

All your data's presented in a visual, easy-to-understand dashboard.

The dashboard is interactive, so click relevant data to be taken to the top posts or users.
Easy Reporting

Influencer sources

Share the URL with your colleagues and clients to show them live data -- no login necessary!

Or download all your data in XLS or CSV with a single click.
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"I have tested many solutions but none offer the data Keyhole provides with easy navigation."
Lauren Reyes-Grange,
Social Media Specialist, Transcontinental
"You have done a better job of displaying the collected tweets than anyone else I have found."
Brendan Gahan,
G. R. Boynton, U of Iowa
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