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What would you like to track in real-time?

E.g. Audi, #SEO, Gilt.com

The Easiest Way to Track Social Campaigns

  • Simple Search

    Find trending stories early

    Enter your keywords into a single search box to get started. It's as easy as Google!

    An 'Advanced' page is also available if you want to be more specific.
  • Beautiful Dashboard

    Identify popular topics

    All your data's presented in a visual, easy-to-understand dashboard.

    The dashboard is interactive, so click relevant data to be taken to the top posts or users.
  • Easy Reporting

    Influencer sources

    Share the URL with your colleagues and clients to show them live data -- no login necessary!

    Or download all your data in XLS or CSV with a single click.

Our Users Love Us
"I have tested many solutions but none offer the data Keyhole provides with easy navigation."
Lauren Reyes-Grange,
Social Media Specialist, Transcontinental
"You have done a better job of displaying the collected tweets than anyone else I have found."
Brendan Gahan,
G. R. Boynton, U of Iowa
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