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Social Media Monitoring & Hashtag Tracking on Twitter & Hashtag Analytics

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Influencer Marketing

Find your biggest contextual influencers.

Our Influencer identification product uses real, transparent data to find influencers talking about your industry topics and competitors.

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Determine which brands influence your audience
Newsroom Insights

91% of your audience is not talking about you.

Built for fast-moving publishers, Newsroom Insights finds the competitor stories that your audience is engaging with right now.

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Find the influencers of your social media audience
Our Products

Hashtag Tracking

Track hashtags, keywords and URLs in real-time. Keyhole's hashtag analytics dashboard is comprehensive, beautiful and shareable!

Influencer Marketing NEW

We find influencers talking about the specific things you're interested in, using real data -- no black box algorithms needed.

Newsroom Insights

Track news stories and trends that your readers are interested in real-time, so you can write about things that matter to them now.

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"My office uses @keyholeco. Great conversation monitor. Saves me at least 5 hours a week."
-Aurora Meyer, MSTA
Twitter and hashtag tracking

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