Keyhole Social Media Analytics Features

Unlock real-time Twitter and Instagram metrics to guide your social campaigns, content strategy and overall digital marketing approach

Hashtags & Keyword Trackers
Track hashtags and keywords on Twitter and Instagram.
Account Trackers
Monitor the activity of your Instagram and Twitter accounts as well as those of your competitors.
Influencer Tracking
Focus on specific influencers and filter out engagement generated by their activity.
Historical Data
Get data from the past and backfill your account to analyze trends.
API Access
Integrate Keyhole with your internal systems using our rest API.
Competitor Tracking
Compile data from accounts your competitors run.
PDF Reports
Download your charts and graphs in a colorful PDF.
Receive email notifications about specified user activity retrieved by your customized Tracker.
Excel Reports
Export data from your Track to Excel or similar software.
All Post Types
Track plain text posts as well as posts containing pictures and videos.
Automated Reporting
Daily benchmarking of KPIs including follower growth, best posting times and more.
Live Stream
Live stream posts that contain your hashtags, keywords, and URLs.
Sentiment Analysis
Filter all posts in your stream by positive, neutral, or negative sentiment.
Account Manager
A dedicated social media specialist to aid in the setting up and continuous use of Keyhole.
Break down social media activity by date and time of day.
Top Linked Stories
Find the most popular links posted in conjunction with your search results.
Custom Date Range
Analyze your collected data from within any applicable time period you specify.
Demographic Analysis
Receive detailed break downs of engagement activity by user demographics.
Media Table
See every picture and video from your selected posts in one convenient table.
Embed Widgets
Easily share real-time data on your website or blog.
Phone Support
All of our users receive email support and access to our online help desk.

Have a priority issue you need to discuss over the phone? Receive phone support within 24 hours of of reporting your issue to us.