Social Geodata Visualized in Heatmaps

Pinpoint where users are talking about your tracked hastags or keywords

See the areas where your digital presence is strongest
Using location data in users’ Twitter and Instagram profiles, Keyhole shows where your audience members are posting from. Hover over a country in our world heatmap to see the percentage of tweets it’s contributed to your tracked hashtag or keyword, or select the USA option to get the same information about each state.
Get insights about where to target your social campaigns
Inform your social targeting tactics with Keyhole’s geodata. Whether you want to increase engagement in a certain area or enter a new geographic market, our data helps you decide how to structure your content and where to send promotional posts.
I recommend Keyhole all the time because I love its data visualization, its real-time data analysis and the flexibility in data analysis
Annelise Larson
Principal of Veria Search Media Marketing
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