Social Media Tracking for Marketers

Learn how Keyhole can help you track trends and campaigns, reach out to influencers and out-react competitors with real-time Twitter and Instagram data.

Gain Campaign Insights with Ease and Speed
Marketers are valued for their strategic skills, so why not leverage a tool that gives you valuable insights to base your tactics on? Overseeing a campaign is straightforward with Keyhole - the platform automatically tracks users, posts and impressions related to your search terms while identifying the most successful social content and keywords to model your approach around.
Understand the Competition’s Status and Strategies
Maximizing your brand’s social media presence is impossible when you’re blind to the competition. Use Keyhole to peak into the digital world of an opposing company, tracking their social content and engagement metrics to set benchmarks and better understand their audience. The insights you’ll gain will help model future campaigns, leveraging data about what works and what doesn’t.
Stay on Top of Targeted Keywords and Hashtags
You can’t always be behind your Keyhole dashboard, but the social media world never sleeps. Set custom alerts to keep up with important events related to targeted phrases so you aren’t left behind. You can be updated when engagement rapidly rises, an influencer uses your term or a verified user gets involved.
Identify and Engage Leading Influencers
Amplify your brand’s online presence by connecting with influencers - social authorities in their given niches. Our real-time influencer tracker ranks them based on follower engagement, impressions and other key social media metrics. Pull their contact information and engage them to grow your community, develop a favourable online perception and drive more traffic to your content.
Share Complete Reports and Insightful Graphs
Running a successful social campaign is a tall order, but so is demonstrating the value of your work. Showing your progress and explaining outcomes is easy with Keyhole - you can share your intuitive, real-time dashboard with your team members or download report-ready charts and Excel data to create stunning presentations.
Simplify Community Management
Keeping track of a large online community and regularly interacting with its members is a daunting task. Until Keyhole. Learn which hashtags your audience is using, monitor relevant trends and re-share the most popular posts to engage your market and grow your following. And with real-time URL tracking, connecting with users who share your content is a snap.
Start tracking Social Analytics with Keyhole
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