Social Media Tracking for CEOs and Executives

Learn how Keyhole can help you track trends and campaigns, reach out to influencers and out-react competitors with real-time Twitter and Instagram data.

Monitor What the Online World Thinks About Your Company
As a company leader, it’s your responsibility to understand how key audiences perceive your brand and the industry at large. Capitalize on Keyhole’s tracking features to understand what the social media sphere is saying about relevant events, campaigns, services and products. In real-time, you can oversee advanced reach and engagement metrics surrounding important URLs, trends, keywords and hashtags.
Keep Tabs on Competitors
Optimizing your brand’s social media activity is impossible if you’re oblivious to competitor strategies. Leverage Keyhole’s extensive tracking abilities to peak into the social world of an opposing organization, tracking their content and engagement stats to set benchmarks and better understand their audience. The insights you’ll gain will help model future campaigns, leveraging data about what works and what doesn’t.
Increase Brand Awareness
Keyhole provides data you can leverage to build social awareness of your business. Start by automatically generating a list of the most popular content related to a given keyword. Point your team towards successful posts so they can share them, engage with them or create content pieces that emulate them to gain a greater following.
Simplify How You Collaborate with Employees
Your time is valuable and limited, but you must make room in your schedule to communicate with colleagues. Keyhole eliminates the stress involved with collaborating over key social media metrics. With a click, you can share a single-page, real-time dashboard that records data surrounding trends, hashtags, keywords and campaigns. You can also download report-ready charts and Excel data to quickly create stunning presentations.
Build a Deeper Understanding of Your Target Markets
Almost no one is afraid to share opinions on social media. Use Keyhole to intuitively navigate through discussions involving relevant hashtags and targeted keywords to focus on the most important information. The data you’ll quickly gather will illuminate dominant opinions within your market, including what the public wants to see in your products and services. Harness this intel to plan your next social campaign or business initiative.
Innovate Your Approach to PR and Outreach
The most successful companies distinguish themselves from competitors, setting the bar too high to match. Use Keyhole to promote and communicate the strides your organization has made. By monitoring conversations around your products and services, you can learn what key markets do and don’t want. From there, identify influencers - social authorities in their given niches - and engage them to help demonstrate the value of your brand. Should negative comments arise, Keyhole’s real-time data stream will allow you to identify them and take action to mitigate their impact.
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