First Class Social Media Analytics for Travel and Hospitality Brands

Keyhole accurately tracks social media activity from prospects, customers, influencers and competing brands to help your digital team quantify performance and plan initiatives.

“My office uses Keyhole for analytics. Good price, great conversation monitor. Saves me at least 5 hours a week.”
Aurora Meyer
Adjunct Professor
University of Missouri

Track What Customers Across the Globe Are Saying

Explore global heatmaps and location-based industry hashtags to see what users in different areas are saying about your brand and sector at large. Keyhole identifies trends to leverage in upcoming posts and campaigns, so you can encourage audience engagement.

Gain Insights into the Content that Makes Your Campaigns Succeed

Forget about guessing why some content goes viral. Keyhole’s visual presentations of real-time data illustrate how certain posts become runaway winners and other are flops, so you can keep doing what works.

Monitor Reviewers and Influencers Who Inform and Engage Your Social Sphere

Measure what leading voices say about your brand and its services as they interact with your target markets. Keyhole’s unique Influencers tab gives clear insights into which posts drive meaningful conversations, pointing you towards positive content to re-share and giving you new ideas to improve engagement.

Identify Successful Competitor Tactics to Bolster Your Own Strategies

Access social data surrounding noteworthy competitors and other leading brands. Keyhole tracks URLs, keywords and unique hashtags in real time to investigate why some social activities are successful, helping you find tactics that succeed and avoid others.

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